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Just started yesterday.   I have Yahoo mail Plus and all has been fine for 3-years.

Outside of about a week ago my incoming mail to the Mac Book Pro stopped working (out going was fine).

Lot's of posts here about that and then on Friday night it it started working.  Best guess is Yahoo fixed a bug.


NOW my out going mail will not work (can get emails).  Anyone else here having the same issues ?

MacBook Pro
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    Every email receiving/sending problem that I've ever had was attributable to my ISP's security settings. I'd try checking with your ISP to see if they have specific instructions about SMTP server setup for outgoing mail using other email systems (like your Yahoo POP account).

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    HI There

    I saw this post, and this is what has been happeneing to me.. I have just bought my first apple product, inputed my btyahoo mail info and it started collecting my mail etc.. no probs...  then all of a sudden 4 days ago NOTHING !!  all stopped, no incoming mail at all.. no matter what I do, It wont work. I am really frustrated and rather disappointed...

    And this may seem a very obvious question to you, but how do I check with my ISP about these setting you mention?


    Many Thanks for any help