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My iPad 1 was such a joy when I first got it.  I showed it to everybody and talked it up.  I had it a year and it never crashed.  Then I upgraded to ios 5.0.1 and now it won't stay up and running more than a couple minutes at a time.  Granted it reboots quickly, but it is really not running correctly.  Is there a way to go back to ios 4?  I never had trouble with that version of the software.  I am having to use my windows pc to send this help request as my iPad will not stay up long enough to type out the message.  The iPad crashes no matter what I am trying to do - use Safari, play solitare, use apps -- no one thing crashes it -- everything crashes it now.  Please help!!

iPad, iOS 5.0.1
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    This issue has been reported by other users as well.


    If it were only the third party apps crashing, I would suggest downloading another app - any free app. That resets something in your iTunes account and allows the other apps to work properly again. So you can try that.


    With Safai you can go to Settings>Safari>Clear History, Cookies and Data. Then restart the iPad.


    You can also try resetting the iPad - hold down on the sleep and home buttons at the same time until the Apple logo appears - ignore the red slider.


    Make sure that all of your apps are updated.


    You may still continue to experience crashing in spite of trying all of these steps. If nothing else works, you may need to restore your iPad to factory settings and then "rebuild" your iPad from scratch. That process is a PIA but it may be the only thing that will work.

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    I have the same problem and restoring the factory settings did NOT work, nothing does.  iPad one does not have enough RAM to run 5.0.  The fact that Apple will not let you downgrade is disgraceful, they know about this problem and want you to fix it buy buying a new iPad.

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    The problem with that logic is that there are millions of original iPad owners who have updated to iOS 5 who do not have this issue.