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iOS 5.1 severe problems to connect to a mobile phone network

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  • cplog Calculating status...

    try this: go "to settings - network & enabled 3g & mobile data (turned them off after a second)"



    it worked for me.


    hope this helps...

  • Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    not only will the reset network settings not work, but neither will a restore! and I've tried both restoring with and without a backup. this is obviously a problem with 5.0.1 effecting some phones. I have as you will have guessed SMS and call problems. I wouldn't waste my time with it if I were you, put it aside and wait for a while until 5.0.2 comes out. I hear it's coming out next week, let's hope it works....

  • Ahhuat Calculating status...

    Optimistic indeed.


    Thanks to know that 5.0.2 is coming......


    Let's all wait and see then.


    I am also getting my service provider locally to check with Apple and present my case (I became a case study) to them.

    I hope to get an answer from them as well.

  • bunnyhon Calculating status...

    i wish i never updated to 5.01.

    BTW 5.01 and China Mobile SIM work well on my 3GS!!  Ironic!

  • viktorfromalmaty Calculating status...

    Apple, tell me why so many problems with iphone4s after update??? Why all are silent? Someone is going to do something? Maybe you'll start to work and make any its pilot ****???

  • speyerclan Calculating status...

    Having the same issue here and I am with Vodafone with a 16GB iPhone 4.

    Same deal, was ok until updating to iOS 5 and now 5.0.1 with the same issue.

    Can reproduce at will. Problem will rear it's ugly head if you go out of range for long enough for the phone to go to SOS only mode. Once this has happened, it will stay there even if you return to a full signal area. A hard reset will get you back up again but it will come back the moment the same conditions return, go out of range again and you can whistle dixey for the rest of the day unless you do a hard reset.

    While in this locked up state, people can call you and to them it just rings til it goes to message bank but will not ring at the iPhone end so you will just miss the call but not even know it, (good for business???)

    Tried turning Plain mode on and off and that gets rid of the SOS only message and the bars will return HOWEVER there will be no carrier name next to it, just the bars. Try to search for carriers with none found. Tried to see what would happen if I made a call to home number while standing next to it with just the bars showing, and the home phone was ringing, but no ringing noise on the iPhone earpiece, was like it hadn't started calling yet. When I tried to end the call, the iPhone will hang with "Ending Call" for about 20 to 30 min, before finally doing so.


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  • Msjah Calculating status...

    Hey Guys,


    I got sick and tired of this stupid iphone crapping out on me...i have exactly the same symptoms with all of you guys...can't make any outgoing calls/texts, can't receive incoming calls/texts.

    so i went to Apple store to complain to them.

    They said it has been a couple of people complained about the software too...

    So they restore and upgrade my firmware. They said they erase my previous firmware/software, then they put the newest firmware that will erase any bad bug inside the firmware.

    So far, knock on wood, i have no problem whatsoever with my phone! and they didn't charged me with anything even when my iphone warranty is over.


    I'm from Toronto. I have Iphone 4.

    So hopefully this will help with everyone that have the same problem.

  • westporter Calculating status...

    I agree with speyerclan that this looks like a class action. Or does anyone have contacts in the press at some major outlet like NY Times that would print the story? I see host deleted the last paragraph of speyerclan's post that talked about class action, so I guess this part of mine will be deleted as well.


    My problem is exactly like sperclan's, but I have iphone 3GS and AT&T.

    I find that sometimes a network reset gets me reconnected and sometimes instead I have to turn off and back on "enable 3G" and "cellular data".

    It is a pain to have to do some sort of reset each time I want to make a call, but even more of a pain to know that I have missed incoming calls, because as speyerclan says, once the phone slips into this mode, callers just hear it ringing and then it goes to voicemail, though I never hear it.

  • modular747 Level 6 Level 6 (15,680 points)
    So they restore and upgrade my firmware. They said they erase my previous firmware/software, then they put the newest firmware that will erase any bad bug inside the firmware.

    No, what was done - which is what you could have done at home  -  was to reinstall 5.0.1 which is the same version you already had.  There is no "newer" firmware.   What this did was get rid of all the corrupted data and settings in your phone, not bugs in the iOS.

  • modular747 Level 6 Level 6 (15,680 points)
    I agree with speyerclan that this looks like a class action.

    There have been dozens of class action suits against Apple and/or AT&T regarding dropped calls over the last 4 years.  All have been dismissed.  Keep holding your breath.

  • speyerclan Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    That maybe the case, but not in every country. The US have no such thing as an iPhone that you can just buy from Apple not associated with a carrier either (Unlocked) but in Austrailia their are laws that make Apple comply to this. Also Free speech is a pritty big thing in Australia and comments deleted by the host to manipulate posts is also a no no in Australia unless it is ensitint violance, which this is not.


    The comment made about only updating to 5.0.1 and just got rid of the crap in that persons phone followed by the statement "there are no bugs in iOS" mine has been also updated to 5.0.1 and still does the bloody same thing. HMMMMMMM smells like an APPLE person posting as a regular iPhone user to me.

  • speyerclan Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    OK, went to Apple store in PERTH WA, and spoke to some new guy who said he has not herd of the issue and I asked to see a manager and she also said the same thing, FUNNY THAT. They suggested that they do a DFU reset and see how it goes as the scanned the phone and said that some files were currupted. That was yesterday and when I tested the theory by going through a tunnel to loose signal then come back to signal again to see if it had fixed the issue, all seemed well again.

    Added the apps that I wanted on the phone and contacts etc, and today it seemed to be fine until I to coach my junior baseballers where signal is always poor. Got home tonight and have noticed that the phone is still in SOS ONLY mode. Turned Plane mode on and off and SURE enough, signal bars are back again but no carrier name, same as before apple did a DFU restore.


    So as a prosses of elimination, I will list the Apps that I put back onto the phone for eberyone to look at and notify via a reply to this post if you see any of the same apps on your iPhone and having the same issue as mine. It may come down to an 3rd Party App that is playing silly buggers with the phone, so here goes.


    01) Navigon

    02) Scanner Pro

    03) Torchlight

    04) Air Video

    05) eyeTV

    06) Tunein Radio

    07) OzTV

    08) GoodReader

    09) WordBook

    10) iBooks

    11) AllMyShares

    12) ASX

    13) HomeBudget

    14) eWallet

    15) Yellow Pages

    16) Pkt Weather

    17) Group SMS

    18) Alarm Clock

    19) Timer

    20) Cricket

    21) Car Kit Tool (tomtom)

    22) eBay

    23) Convertbot

    24) iHandy Level

    25) Pitching Hand

    26) RadarGun

    27) steelRI...unter



    A couple of others but they were not there when it was playing up befaor I bought it into Apple so I have discounted those.


    So does anyone who is having the same issue as me have any of the Apps listed above.




  • balagunda Calculating status...

    I'm from India and am facing the same problem with network connection on my iphone 4s.So what does one do since the phone does not work,go back to the iphone 4 or wait for 5.0.2+ or buy  a Blackberry!!!.

  • Ahhuat Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    Buy Samsung Galaxy II.... hehehe


    Let's wait and see. IF the next iOS 5.0.2 still fails to fix the problem, time to change carrier or return back to Apple and ask for refund or insist they replace you with Samsung Galaxy II.


    Feel like a handicap using iPhone who claim they have the best phone in the world.......


    F me....even Nokia series 1110 (yr 1993) have better connection with Phone calls + SMS.



  • Spotty4583 Calculating status...

    Nothing really seems to work.

    I did the upgrade to 5.0.1 and since then when I make a call, it just hangs dialling. No calls received or SMS.


    Had multiple reboots yesterday and then had it working. Off line again today.


    I've tried resets on network connections etc. That doesn't work for me.


    Network connection is sitting at provider with full five bars. Nice to know I have a signal ( not much else).




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