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My current Apple ID, for which all of my content has been downoaded (e.g., music, apps) is associated with a work email address that I will no longer have access to in the near future.  In my Apple ID account, I noticed I had two alternate emails listed, one is my .me account and the other is my .gmail account.  I use my .gmail account, and it is the primary email I use with friends and family.  I noticed both were not verified, and when I tried to, it said they were both associated with other accounts.  I was able to log into a separate Apple ID account I must have set up at tone point with my .gmail, and I changed the email address to a new one I created.  I also deleted the gmail account from any other Apple-relted account I could think of.  I am still gettgin the same error message when I try to add it to my current Apple ID: "This email address is already in use or you may already have an Apple ID associated with this email address. Please try again or sign in using your existing Apple ID."


My concern is this: with FaceTime and now iMessage, it seems more important than ever that I am able to use my correct email address.  With iOS5 beta, I cannot enter either my .gmail or.me accounts under "You can be reached for messages at:" as I get an error stating: Unable to verify email because it is already in use."


How can I remedy this issue and assign my .gmail account to my Apple ID?

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