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Hi guy's...


I'm wondering if you can link apples id's/accounts? My wife and I have an account each but often download similar apps (well the kids do!) and we are charged for two. Can we link accounts so we do not have to download twice?


Thanks in advance

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    You can, it's just that the phone whose ID will change will be wiped of apps/data the first time it syncs with the computer using the new ID.  Prepare for that.  Unless I'm overlooking something.

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    Thx pvonk..

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    It will link more than your Apps

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    I think the answers thus far have not answered the question you asked. You cannot "link" 2 iTunes Store accounts. However, you can have apps or content from two different accounts on your iDevice. You will need to know the password to both, and, to comply with Apple's license terms, the accounts must be in the same household. You will also have to sync the iDevice to an iTunes installation that is authorized to both accounts.

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    Choose ONE of the accounts to using for Purchases

    Sign in with this account in iTunes (desktop) and in both iPhones.

    To change the account on iPhone go to Settings>iTunes and App Stores>Apple ID>Sign Out then sign in with the "chosen" Apple ID. When you change the account you will have to re-download all apps installed with "old" Apple ID.

    You will be charge only for the apps that was not purchased by the "new" ID.


    Sorry for my English.