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Because I have a lot of music, I use stars to rate music and then use smart playlists to play back 3+ or 4+ star music. Most of the time I am not listening to albums or artists or manual playlists. This raises 2 issues with Match


  1. How do I download an entire playlist to my iPhone? This one I figured out myself: Scroll all the way to the end of the playlist (this is painful if it is a long playlist). At the end there is a link to download the entire playlist. Just stumbled on this and I thought I woudl share.
  2. What about smart playlists? These seem to be ignored by match. Is it true that I have to manually create a playlist that mirrors by autocreated smart playlists? Anyone know of another way to do this? I want to play just 3+ stars or 4+ star music on my iPhone. When I buy new music I want to give it a star rating and have it automagically appear in the correct playlists.
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      I have the same issue, though I should note that my smart playlists show up as normal. I'm just looking to avoid scrolling through and manually downloading 5,000 songs back to my iPhone. If it's really that much of an issue I'll keep iTunes Match, maybe as a backup service but not use it on my iPhone.