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Have a Macbook Air OS X (10.7.2)...fully updated...computer roughly a month old. Mainly used for Browsing, but some ITUNES, and some photos.  Only 2-3 small apps added (now deleted, per below).


So, I started getting all these pop-up errors that the start up memory is almost full and that I need to clear up space.  I checked and it said I had 8 GB of free space (Flash Storage).  So, yeah, that seemed pretty full, so I proceeded to delete a few movies, TV shows, music, pics, small apps, etc...roughly 30G.  Emptied the trash.  Deleted cookies.  Deleted caches.  Deleted 2 of my (mac) mail accounts.  Emptied the Iphoto files.  Emptied the trash again.  Rebooted.  Yet, the "ABOUT" says there's even less avail space now...around 4G.  And still I get the errors.  After rebooting about 3x and even going in and double-checking in FINDER that all those files had indeed been deleted, nada, no luck, no change.  What gives??


How do I fix this immed error, as I can't go more than 30 mins of mere browsing the internet w/out these errors?


I'd prefer to use MAC or free products, and do not want to spend money  on separate and yet other programs...would rather stay organic and simple to fix the core problem.  Thanks....

MacBook Air, Mac OS X (10.7.2)
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    Specifically it says the "START-UP DISK IS ALMOST FULL".  What gives?

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    I am having exactly the same problem.  I have 43GB left, but continue to get  "Start-up Disc is almost full."  The worst part is, the computer locks up and I have to force quit to restart.  I have owned this Macbook Air for just over 90 days.  I had this problem during the warranty period and of course Apple will not help me (even tho it is an ongoing problem) unless I pay for a warranty, which I think is disgusting.


    Safari keeps locking up and was advised early on that this new operating system is not compatible with Safari, or Firefox.  The tech suggested I download Silverlight, which sort of defeats the whole purpose since it uses up more memory.


    My MacBook was a far superior piece of equipment.

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    Hi...I got it to work...used this program / link which was the only way I could even seem to find the files I figured I needed to delete (mail archives).  Good luck...


    http://www.mac-forums.com/forums/apple-desktops/252280-deleted-large-email-accou nt-imac-mailbox-but-its-still-eating-up-startup-disk.html

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    Thank you for responding, but I do not know how to get to my "mail archives."  ??  The only mail I can find are the deleted emails since purchasing this MBAir?  There do not seem to be that many.  I am totally lost...

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    Hey I had the exact same problem until I used the OmniDisk Sweeper (Free). It can find where you have the most memory used and if it is the same case like mine it would be in the User section then the Mail and you can just delete it. I suggest not using the Mail app and switch over to the Sparrow app. It costs $9.99 but its way better than using Mail and having your memory taken up.


    I am going to talk to an Apple technician later and see if there are any other solutions to this problem because my storage filled up very quick as well and it kept on growing until the memory was absolutely full. After I used that Omni sweeper it went back to normal, but I wanted to know where the problem was so I logged back in to my Yahoo using Mail and the same thing kept on happening, this time my storage is getting taken up slowly though. I don't know if its a virus or just how it is.


    Hope this helps.