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I don't know where to start.  Maybe the biggest nightmare is that since switching from Mobile Me to iCloud, every time I quit mail, or restart my computer, all my accounts from my mail app, and I have to add the accounts all over again.  And then there's the inability to edit my contacts in the Contact app.  I have to go online and do it at icloud.com. 


Oh, yeah, and the fact that my bookmarks keep getting wiped out everytime I restart my computer is a real drag. 


But when I try to change my prefs, iCloud prefs tell me that "this is not my primary iCloud account."  ***???


This has been one massive nightmare and pain in the *** from the second I switched from Mobile Me.  I haven't seen Apple drop the ball on this level for a really long time. 

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    BTW, all my mail accounts are .mac accounts.

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    Same with me. After my .mac-account was moved to iCloud, I seem to have two identities, one from my .mac history, the second my Apple-ID through which I came to .mac. Each time my machine is booted, it has a problem with my Apple-ID. Then I read that the second one was not my primary iCloud account. Well, what to do? I tried to delete the synchronisation of my calendar with the "not-so-primary" account. All my entries that have been made on my Mac are deleted. I have never asked anyone to take my entries on a cloud and to keep them there.


    How can I get off that cloud?