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I have a brand new Macbook Pro and I've encountered a baffling problem.  A data DVD (containing multiple PDF's) shows up as a blank writable disc on this computer.  I decided to run Parallels with Windows 7 (on the same MBP) and the disc showed up with all the files intact.  So I figured it wasn't a hardware problem.  Then I tried the same DVD in my older macbook (2008 model) and Mac Pro desktop (both with OS 10.6) and the disc works perfectly.  So it's not a general mac problem either, it appears to be a 10.7 Lion problem.  I then uninstalled Parallels and Toast just incase they were to blame...no luck.  I have tried other data DVD's in my new MBP and they work perfectly, so I tried to figure out what format was messing with Lion.  Using Snow Leopard, Toast & my old Macbook here are my findings regarding the format of the culprit DVD:


Medium Type: DVD-R

Space used: 4.38 GB

Diameter: 120 mm

Layers: single

Manufacturer ID: RITEKF1



Title: Feb 22 2011

Content Type: Data

File System: UDF

Tracks: 2

Sessions: 2



Session 1 Start=0, Size 1.16GB

Track 1 Start=0, Size 1.16 GB

UDF  Feb 22 2011

UDF revision 2.01


Session 2 (open), Start= 645216, Size = open

Track 2 Start = 645216, Size = 3.15 GB

UDF  Feb 22 2011

UDF revision 2.01



So as you can see it's a mutisession DVD, which you cannot create under Lion but you should be able to read it.  It's also UDF format, etc.  Does anything else look fishy?


Anyway, I brought the MBP to the genius bar today and showed him my findings.  I tried the disc in his MBP and it also apperaed to be a blank writable DVD. He believes it is a Lion bug and had nothing more to say.  Any thoughts from the techies out there?  Anyone have a similar experience?  I would love to have my results duplicated so that I can make apple aware of this bug.  Thanks all!


My specs:

MBP 2.2 GHz Intel Core i7

8 GB 1333 MHz DDR3

OS 10.7.2

MacBook Pro, Mac OS X (10.7.2)
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