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I have been having some problems with AirPlay lately. When I go on any of my Macs and try to AirPlay something from iTunes (running 10.4.1 on OS 10.7.1) it just locks up iTunes with the progress bar and later says it can not connect to the Apple TV. However, on my iOS devices, it works perfectly (iOS 4.3.5). The Apple TV is up to date as well. I use an Xserve to run DHCP, and Meraki APs, but it perfoms the same on an isolated network powered by an AirPort Extreme. Is there anything I can do?


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    If you've tried various networks and the problem is consistently repeatable only on your mac, there's a good chance the problem lies with your mac. Are you running any antivirus software, are you using IPv6.

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    Do you have both wifi and ethernet connected for internet?  When I unplugged my ethernet cable and used only wifi it worked for me.

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    I have a wireless connection between Apple TV and my Imac running the lates software (23 des 2011), it works fine.  Then close the wireless and connect my Eterhnet cable to my internal nework home, and then the Airplay functionality in iTunes is not there.  The same with the button for streaming voice to more computers and apple devices, that I have when the computer is wireless