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    DavidK2010 Level 2 Level 2 (160 points)

    Never Let iTunes add the album art, always embed the album art in the files using mp3tag.. that also works for m4a's too.


    Itunes Album art is 1.5mb per album, tagging with mp3tag from a 300x300 album image is kilobytes rather that megbytes

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    James vdM Level 1 Level 1 (20 points)

    Unchecking music, syncing, then rechecking music, syncing, worked for me this time. Not sure how long it will last.


    David's point about embedding is valid but it *should* work as is, and saving 1.5MB per album is hardly worth the effort.

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    DavidK2010 Level 2 Level 2 (160 points)

    It's no effort at all..


    So an album with only 10 songs with album art of 150kbs is not better than 1.5mb done with itunes, you waste a lot of space the itunes way


    If you move your files to another computer they are also still tagged with the album art

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    KSUSYCO Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)


                I just got my iPhone 4 on the 16th of May, 2011. I'm having the same problems and my iOS is 4.3.3. Nothing is fixing this and I've tried everything that has been suggested in this forum. This is so frustrating. A brand new phone and it doesn't even work right. Good "Job" apple!

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    Malikov Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    Ipod Touch 4G IOS 4.3.3. The album cover is correct until it goes into screen saver mode. Then, the wrong album cover appears, including the album cover of the song that i don't even have in the playlist.


    I have tried re-syncing the playlist and re-adding songs. My next move is to format the device and re-sync it that way.

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    Ques3607 Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    MalikovI have the exact same issue you have. I've tried restoring the Ipod but the issue pops back up as soon as I sync. I tried unistalling Itunes and re-installing it but still no luck. I'm running out of Ideas. When I unchecked all the song and sync the rechecked and sync..all the songs had the same issue when the lock screen came up. I've taken the issue to the Apple Store and they said if you have downloaded music that may be the problem. Anyone know anythign else I could try?

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    Malikov Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    Alternatively, you can try disabling the screen saver album cover


    Go to Photos

    Hold your Iphone/Ipod in landscape mode

    Click the bottom left Iicon --> Select "Use as Wallpaper"

    Move and scale the image

    Select "Set"


    Way better than seeing the wrong album cover. .

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    zanitas Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    Not sure if you solved the issue yet.  I had the same problem.  I solved it the following way:


    1.  Check each song to confirm that thay all have artwork (right click, get info).  Add as needed. (I keep a copy of the jpgs in a folder for easy copying.)

    2.  Turn off sync music to erase all songs on iphone. Sync.

    3.  Turn on sync music.  Sync.


    This worked for me.  If you skip the first step, you may continue to have issues. I tried copying art to albums first but it didn't solve the problem.  Only a few songs were missing artwork.. Going through hundreds of songs is a pain, but it did finally work.

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    vegasmerricks Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    iTunes 10.5,  iPhone 4s...  Same problem with album art all over the place.  I followed others and was unsucessful.  I had been syncing with "Entire music library" but thought I would try "Selected playlist, albums...".  I checked all albums and it synced perfectly.

    Hope this helps!

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    Mista2 Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    iOS 5.1 on an iPhone4. iTunes running on OSX lion. This is the second time my artwork has gone funky on my phone.

    First time was under iOS 4.1. Then random albums got wrong art, but only in coverflow and portrait view. If I went to album detail view, small thumbnail was ok.

    This time all my podcasts have wrong art. Obviously fixing this issue isnt one of apples priorities, they would much rather add new features to make themselves more money instead.

    I did think it was only an annoyance until my 6 year old son saw cover art for rob zombie when listening to the tweenies. There is obviously an issue with an image cache that isn't being flushed, or a pointer that gets messed up.

    I just wish there was some indication apple support saw these posts. Ther is no bug tracking, I can't log a call with support without having to pay for it.

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    unit057 Level 1 Level 1 (20 points)

    Sync your iPhone and make sure everything you want is coppied off your iPhone.


    Then go into Settings App>General>Reset All Content and Settings. Then sync all of your stuff back on.




    Connect your iPhone to iTunes and click "Restore", wait for it to do its thing and choose "Set up as new iPhone". Then sync all of your stuff back on.


    Maybe that might work... also try updating your iTunes

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    orionfusion Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    I've gone through this and countless other forums reading about others with the same issue as myself.  My setup: iPhone 4 x2, iPhone 4s (not all mine, just in my house), Windows 7 x64, Windows 7 x86, Windows Vista x64, all running the latest version of iTunes.  This doesn't appear to be dependent on the operating system, iTunes version, or iOS version as this issue has been happening since version 4.3 on the two iPhone 4 units.  It appears to be completely random as two computers have the same songs in their library (I manually copy the files), and the other computer has it's own list of songs.  Yet, in all three cases, 90% of songs have the wrong album art with zero association between art and song.  The connection isn't anything similar.  For example, Steve Holy - Good Morning Beautiful has the same album art of The Black Mages - Battle Scene (Final Fantasy I).  Does anyone see any connection there?


    All three phones have been wipes and re-synced.  I've used mp3tag to wipe out all album art and then added some artwork myself.  I've done the same wipe and then let iTunes add the album art.  Either way, the mixup occurs.  It's not always the same mixup either.  The example above is what I have now, but this wasn't the case before. 


    Just adding my two cents worth.  Hopefully my input will help some other guy that's smarter than I figure out this issue and post a solution.

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    matthew0598 Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    This exact thing happened to me, but it happened nearly instantly after I turned on genius, I would recommend turning off genius then taking off all the music, and then putting it back on again. It worked for me, might as well try right?

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    ParrotSlave Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    Being new to Apple and the iPhone, and, being unable to find any info on how the music was stored in the iPhone, I incorrectly assumed that it would be converted to one of the Apple m4a formats. Therefore, I created a special folder just for iPhone music, and used dB Poweramp to convert the relevant files to the Apple lossless format. (A playlist is not practical since the base files are stored on external drives that may not always be connected.) Once the music was on the phone, about 900 files, I realized that having ignored album art all these years was a mistake, and I had to correct a substantial number of files to keep the displays being "unknown album" and "unknown artist" with no album art. However, only a little of the album art was switched around initially.


    Then I ran into the synchronization nightmares, starting when I tried to correct files a few at a time. I ended up manually deleting the files from the phone and from the library, re-adding them to the library, then synchronizing, to avoid iTunes and/or the iPhone "remembering" the previous information. Since the synchronization doesn't always do anything, I finally decided that it would be easier just to delete the entire library in iTunes, and re-add it.


    That's convenient when the library consists only of that one folder: resynchronizing with the empty library, re-adding the folder to the library, then synchronizing again, works sometimes. Then, however, I ran into the problem that the music on the iPhone would not get deleted despite iTunes having warned me that it would; when it kept not working, I even started using two user accounts on my pc to synchronize, just to get the warning that the phone is synchronized with "another" library and all the music will be deleted (yes, yes, that's what I want: if only it would do it instead of just warning me about it.)  (After running into many hours worth of these nightmares, no more will I threaten to get a Mac; the iPhone has given me a heads-up on what to expect.) (And, yes, I did try the fix of renaming the folder inside the Roaming folder and killing syncserver.exe in the task manager, which also works sometimes.) NONE of the fixes I have found are 100% effective. (I think I've tried everything, even unchecking sync "music" as well as syncing music. I do wonder--should I perhaps run iTunes "as administrator"? Here's a hint: when the music will not delete off the iPhone, I think that adding just one song to the library instead of deleting the entire thing makes it work. I did have some instances where there was music on the phone when iTunes insisted there was none. Those are nightmares worthy of Windows.)


    The deal on my album art is that it IS what I want: it is all embedded by dB or by MP3Tag. I don't want Apple touching it. In some cases, I converted the music from analog and no album art is available on the internet, so I made do with scans, etc., but there is nothing for Apple to mess with. The album art issue became overwhelming when I realized that Apple was just as happy with mp3 files as with its own format, giving me more space for music, so I got rid of the m4a files and used mp3s. The album art got completely loony. I synchronized, rebooted, synchronized again, numerous times, rebooted the phone and the computer, used different user accounts, and, eventually, it would synchronize. I worked on all the id3 tags manually, and, without realizing what it was that finally did it, I had everything perfect.


    The entire library of album art got probably 75% switched around AGAIN, after everything was perfect, and I realized that the problem was the id tag. I had fixed all the original files in my limited library "Music for iPhone," but not my entire non-iTunes library (>10,000 songs.) When I added just a few new songs to my special folder, it would not re-synchronize, forcing me to delete all/re-synchronize, resuting in the new library on the iPhone (not in iTunes) being completely messed up.


    I then realized that those few new songs I had added had not been processed by MP3Tag. At this point, it helps to realize that Windows has a severe problem with album art also: Vista and Win7 both lose it sometimes unless you use MP3Tag to upgrade tag compatibility. For instance, the ID tag on "The Crystal Ship" by the Doors, as read by MP3Tag, is only ID3v1 as it comes out of the cd, but processing with MP3Tag adds ID3v2.3, which seems to make the difference. Processing all one's music files with MP3Tag seems to help with both Windows and Apple.


    There is a potential complication: for the iPhone, I changed some of the id tags so that there would be fewer "album" listings. For my actual library, I add the disc number of multi-disc sets to the name of the album, but for the limited library of my iPhone, I have changed the titles so that all the songs from one box set have the same album name. I don't want to look at the album list and see the same box set showing as 6 different albums, even though they are different "volumes" or "discs." So I changed tracks with album titles "Complete Anthology, disc [whatever]" to just "Complete Anthology." I foresee a possible problem if the same album has different artwork on different files, but we will see. Another possible issue, which I could envision causing an problem, is that some files have multiple pieces of artwork. dB poweramp allows you to add multiple pieces of album art, such as a photo of the band and/or a photo of a flyer and/or the back album cover and/or any of a number of other things. We shall see.

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    mephillips1951 Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    What ios version will fix out of sync album art on iphone 4?


    I reduced my song resolution to fit on iphone 4, which I understand from support threads to be possible cause.

    Has this been confirmed by apple?