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So i recently purchased the apple Pages App so that i could work on documents on my ipad on the go, as well as have them available to me online, and on my iphone.


Twice in the last week i wrote 4 docments, I have icloud turned on, on each device. When i arrive at the office, after looking to see that the document has saved on my ipad. I log onto icloud.com. icloud then tells me there are no documents, so i go back to my ipad to e mail it to myself. The documents have disappeared.


has anyone else had this happen? do you know why this could be happening? its very frustrating, and i do not understand where the documents are going if they are not saved on icloud or my ipad!


thank you

iPad 2, iOS 5.0.1
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    Lots of folks have reported problems with disappearing documents on iCloud.  It's clearly got issues, so I don't use it.  Use Dropbox instead.

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    Of the few issues that I have had with the update to iOS 5 - and I do have a few of them - this is one problem that I haven't had yet.


    You do have documents and data turned on in iCloud - correct? Settings>iCloud>Documents and Data - tap the arrow to go to the next screen and turn on Documents and Data.


    When you close the document by tapping the Documents button at the top - to go back to the thumbnail view of all of your documents - Do you see the document uploading on the iPad -  with the arrow pointing up in the upper right corner of the document and the blue progress bar at the bottom of the document icon moving?


    If you don't see that, try this, open the document again and make any little revision to the file - just to get the document "live" again. Then tap the Documents button in the upper left corner of Pages - go back to thumbnail view - and see if it uploads then.

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    yes i have it on properly, and when i save the file, i can see it in the main page where you select your documents.


    the thing is that i often use it when i am not connected to a network. then when i connect to a network seems to disappear

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    iCloud by nature of the design an concept has to be connected to WiFi in order to  work properly. Frankly, I'm not sure how working on documents while not connected to the Internet affects uploads to iCloud.


    Connect to the internet first, if possible - before working on the documents again -  and then try that suggestion about making a minor change to the file. See if that works.

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    If you edit a pages document on the iPad how do you get it into your dropbox account without emailing it to yourself?  I'm really mad that Pages does not have a dropbox link.