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    enx23 Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    I have had a battery issue with my iPhone 4s 32gb. Now it started  to behave after I set up the settings as shown in one of my previous posts (wifi is always on, 3g off but when I need it I turn it on  and afterwards off again, regularly killing the background apps and rebooting the phone when noticing weird batterry drain, etc.). Now I have 20% battery life left after 3 days and 3 nights with normal usage. I still get battery drain of 1% per minute when browsing with Safari on 3G and this goes on even after turning the 3g immediately after being done browsing on 3g. Ussualy I kill all the apps and reboot my phone after using 3g. To me it looks like most of the battery drains are due to software bugs in the iOS 5 and iPhone being like a computer it helps killing the apps and rebooting it when noticing periods of high battery drains.

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    scattermonger Level 1 Level 1 (10 points)

    I remarked to another dissatisfied user of a 4S 32 Gb iPhone - "Have you upgraded to the latest version of the OS?  I got one out of the box last Week that ran out after about 6 hours of idle non-use on my bedstand overnight.  The Apple store guy suggested allowing the OS to update.  While the OS version appeared to be the same (5.0.1), there was also a stealthy firmware update.  One of those seems to have cured the battery drain."

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    After upgrading to 5.0.1 or whatever my iPhone 4S battery has drastically improved :D I can at least use it a full day now without it dying. Although the battery is still not as good as I would like it to be.


    So far I have 22% juice left and iTs been:

    Usage: 5 hours 26 min

    Standby: 21 hours 35 min

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    Chris_Germany Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    Hi Eduard, where is advanced setup forauto/manualp fetch set up?

    Thanks for replay

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    Go to seetings-->Mail, contacts, calender-->Fetch new data-->Advance (at the botton last) and then click on iCloud/Gamil/Yahoo etc. you will get the option Fetch and Manual ...click on manual 

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    Just thought I would post my wifes 4s latest. Both are running strong since day 1. As said, Both are charged every 2 or 3 days depending on usage.


    I did a little test to see how long it took to drop 1% from full charge.IMG_0048.PNG

    Only setting off Is Auto time zone. Everything iCloud synced + iTune wifi synced when plugged in.

    iOS 5.0.1 4s 32gig x 2

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    FiniteAffinity, I have seen your earlier posts and have already tried three Sim cards. Unfortunetly they didn't improve matters. To change the Phone I have to go through my cellular network provider which takes five days so I have been trying to avoid this in the hope that an eventual 5.1 release will help matters. It may be I have to eventually try to get a working replacement.

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    vincentc92 Level 1 Level 1 (10 points)

    Your lucky many users are having the crappiest battery life ever like mine !!!!! 15 mins on standby and 98 !!! Where is this auto time zone setting?

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    My iPhone 4, since 5.0.1, crashes from time to time. It is no more a realible phone as before. Whem I'm a few hours without calls or messages, I take it out of my pocket and I find the screen black wharever button I push, and then I have to reset it by keeping both buttons pushed for a few seconds, having to repeat this operation 3 or 4 times until I get the Apple logo on the screen and the phone back to life.

    Until this problem, and the battery one (lasts less than before), are solved by apple, I have to rely on my old Nokia to be always in touch with my coworkers.

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    I tried everything: killing all apps from multitasking bar, restart, reset (holding home and power button) - noting worked for me.

    Yesterday I reinstalled iOS 5.0.1 and restored the last backup also with no effect on battery performance - still 5% drain in 1 hour...


    Now I'm setting it up as a new phone completely, hopefully that will work.


    (remember i never had such battery issues until thursday last week...)

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    wow ! u off everything and it lasts that long? its considered that ur battery is still ok mine btw u using iphone 4 or 4s or 3gs?

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    I'm now on my third 32gig 4s and the battery on this one is the worst yet! I have followed all the advise on the forums and still have huge issues..... Phone lasting around 6 hours standby with couple of hours usage.... Nearly tearing my hair out and considering resurrecting my iPhone 3! When will apple sort this out or recall the dodgy phones????

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    bright raven wrote:



              Did you notice if your SIM Applications (Settings->Phone->Sim Applications) are functioning properly? As I said earlier I have performed the same tests as you and observed the same usage. I also noticed (after seeing it in another post) that my SIM Applications appear to hang when I click on the menu options. Sometimes I can get to a sub menu but they never complete the operation requested.



    Well I'd never even tried poking around in that setting before!


    Nothing really happens if I go to Sim Applications. I get a button that says 'Get Settings' and nothing else is on the screen.


    Pushing that button makes it go briefly blue but then nothing else seems to occur. I would say it does nothing.


    The other menus etc that you refer to certainly are not there. Perhaps these settings are provicder specific? I'm on O2.


    Is that helpful?

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    Pichu21 Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    Well, from what I'm seeing, these quick fixes are working for some, and not as much for others. I will just wait for Apple to solve this issue once in for all, and endure whatever comes with making that decision. Good luck to all, very disappointed in Apple....

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    bright raven Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    bleepingApple, I'm on Vodafone and they appear to have more Sim Applications then O2. Just like you, when I press them they briefly turn blue and do nothing (looks like they are hanging). On my wife's iPhone 4 they do work. If the battery drain is a SIM/Phone incompatability issue then the fact the applications don't work could be significant. I have now tried 4 different Micro SIMs with no change. Have just called Vodafone and the're picking up the Phone on Monday to go through the "Repair or Replace" procedure (takes approx. 5 days). I was going to wait for iOS 5.1 release but I am nearing the end of my 28 day returns deadline (after this returns get more tricky) so I wanted to get the wheels in motion sooner rather than later.