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Hey guys i finaly got a Mac OS X install DVD (10.6.4)


# I Have this eMac which has this blinking question mark after a few weeks of trying to fix it i gave up THEN i got a mac OSX cd and today


put the cd in and wait........... nothing happens...THEN i restarted the mac and HOLD down the "C" key (with the DVD in it).... NOTHING Happend

..the i press the "Option" Key..... OMG... Nothing happend...


so can you guys help me....

i have the oringial DVD of mac OSX 10.6.4.. and an eMac



just wondering is there any way to install mac os x DVD using openfirmware..

eMac, Mac OS 8.6 or Earlier
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    Deborah Terreson Level 3 Level 3 (940 points)

    If you're using an *eMac* and trying to install Snow Leopard 10.6 there is no way on earth it will work.


    An eMac is a PowerPC RISC processor.


    Snow Leopard will not run on a PPC machine.


    You need to have an Intel CPU for that.


    To have a working OS on your computer, you need Leopard OS X 10.5 or earlier.

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    Ohhhh.. ok...so what virsion of mac osx is *emac*....


    ohh is it Leopard OS X 10.5

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    Deborah Terreson Level 3 Level 3 (940 points)

    Yes. Your best bet to find it is on ebay.


    You want the FULL retail 10.5  installer that comes on a disk with the 'space' background and the big black X on it. (it looks identical to the retail Snow Leopard disk)


    The grey colored disks are *computer specific* for the machines they came with, and NO G4 eMac shipped with Leopard 10.5 as Apple had already changed over to Intel CPU's by the time 10.5 came out..


    NO grey-colored Leopard OS disk will work with the eMac.


    Black-colored Leopard OS disk is what you need.


    There are 'family packs' that are selling with iLife and iWork, but you can find single-pack OS disks much cheaper.


    You will like using Leopard, it has all the new security and networking stuff and your eMac will look and act simillar to a new Mac running 10.6 and 10.7.