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Hi all.


An iPhone 4S user here, who has followed the tweaks on this forum in which to get the best from the battery. Thanks to those who have helped. Sorry to those that the fixes do not help, I feel your pain!


Data access is a battery drain. That's true regardless of the phone model and battery capacity. Being able to toggle Wi-Fi and 3G on/off quickly is an extremely useful means to prolong the life of a battery.


The thing is, in iOS 5, it's a bit of a pain. It should be very simple.


Two 'action' toggles.


1. Tap Settings

2. Swipe


View mockup design here.


I'm hoping we can generate a lot of interest across a few popular forums. Just a simple reply in the mockup link comments section (no registration needed, you can enter a dummy email address, it won't be used). It will then be emailed to Apple, and hopefully they will listen to us.


Regardless of the upcoming 5.x battery related tweaks, this feature should be stock functionality!


Peace :¬)

iOS 5