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Inconsistent download speed of rentals. AppleTV displays purchase but download inconsistent or choppy, sometimes takes many hours. Anyone else in using comcast medford, MA having problem? Makes it hard to defend using netflix over appleTV movie downloads!

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    vazandrew Level 6 Level 6 (14,045 points)

    What is your internet speed? www.speedtest.net

    6mbps is required for instant HD rentals


    Are you on wifi? Using your ISP's DNS?


    Netflix uses a vairable bit-rate so it streams instantly and varies depending on connection. iTunes is fixed and requires enough be loaded in order to play without interuption.


    Sometimes there is throttling from one's ISP

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    How do I set the ISP's DNS? I ran the speed test and it's at around 13mbps on a wireless connection. Movies from iTunes are taking hours to download. Sometimes 1/2 a day. I'm using a dual band Asus router. Any suggestions?

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    You can also try ethernet to rule out interference.

    From Support page (re: DNS)


    If you are experiencing abnormal wait times when attempting to purchase or rent on your Apple TV, it could be due to changes made to your network settings (such as the DNS address on your Apple TV and/or router or base station). You should use the default DNS entry supplied by your ISP, on both your Apple TV and router. Changing the DNS entry may result in a longer time before playback begins. Also, you should configure your Apple TV to use DHCP for the network setup, unless you have a custom network with specifically-assigned IP addresses.

    To configure your Apple TV to use DHCP, from the main menu, go to Settings > General > Network > Configure TCP/IP. In the Network Setup page, select the "Automatically" option.

    Once you've confirmed that your Apple TV and router or base station are using DHCP without a custom DNS entry, power-cycle your Apple TV, router or base station, and broadband Internet modem.

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    No, man, it has nothing to do with the network and it the DHCP fix does not work. 


    I've had an ATV 1 for two years and never had to wait more than a couple of minutes before I could start watching a rental, HD or otherwise.  Never had one stoppage or hangup during playback.  Dozens of movies watched on it.


    First experience with my ATV 2, and the movie is unwatchable.  It is getting hung up, I got the 5 hours etc notice before I could watch.  About 10 minutes later, I could watch but it stopped 5 minutes into playback. 


    Based on a post, I went to youtube, played it for a second or two, went back to movie.  It worked.  Then it stopped again and the youtube fix won't work.  not that I would ever tolerate a product that made me do this every 5 minutes just to watch a movie.


    One of the worst experiences with a piece of technology I've ever had.  Ruined an evening.  It's going back first thing.  Apple: I have practically everything you make...but this is a disaster.

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    vazandrew Level 6 Level 6 (14,045 points)

    Yes it is almost always network related. I have never had an issue and can account for many others

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    Andrew Lloyd Level 2 Level 2 (195 points)

    Then how do you account for the fact that my ATV 1 worked with no problem?  I have read dozens of posts on the web saying the same thing.


    And I've seen your login responding in much the same way, and I suspect you may be unintentionally misinforming people. 

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    Not misinforming people at all. The majority of people's issues have in fact come down to the network.



    I never said it is always a network issue, but in most cases it is. There are many factors to consider when looking at the network, DNS is just one. Interference is another. Accessing other content here will flush a rental. 

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    Andrew Lloyd Level 2 Level 2 (195 points)

    Then give me a reason that my ATV 1 would work fine for 2 years and my brand new ATV2 has this problem?  That tons of other people apparently are experiencing?  With no changes to my network whatsoever?


    And that there is a 40 page long discussion group here -

    Apple TV HD Rental Streaming Problem

    - in which no one is experiencing resolution to their problems.  I see you in that discussion group droning on about the DNS, and not one person confirms that your input helps fix the problem.  Not one person in the 40 pages finds a network issue that definitvely fixes the problem.


    I'll call apple support tomorrow and see if someone actually knows anything about this.  otherwise, i'm sending this thing right back.

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    I will say it again. That is only one factor. I suggest it because it does work for some, it's not always going to be the fix. Where is your ATV2 placed? Are you on wifi? Since it worked before i'll assume the speed is fine. Check www.istumbler.net for interference


    There are also the many users who aren't posting since they have no issue.


    If you look at threads there are other posters who will corroborate this.


    Yes, call support.

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    Andrew Lloyd Level 2 Level 2 (195 points)

    I appreciate that you're trying to help, but this isn't about defending apple or the product or yourself.  Obviously the people who don't have a problem (including a good friend of mine) aren't posting here.


    The fact is, though, there are clearly more than a few people who *are* experiencing it, and I suspect there is an as-yet to be identified problem, either in the ATV 2 hardware or software.  I frankly think you're just off base and there are not "factors" for some people and not others - there's a common issue that does not have a resolution yet.  Partially because people still aren't 100% sure it's not their network (which my experience suggests it is NOT).


    And further, the fact that you've never experienced the problem (and then proceeded to fix it) means you're probably not the right person to be advising people. 


    Anyway thanks for your help.

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    Not trying to defend, just stating facts


    I never said there are only factors for some


    It's a streaming device, and I have done troubleshooting with many. Narrowed down the network issue and eliminated the problem. It's not hardware or software as many more would then be experiencing this (considering the amount of devices out there, even taking into account those who don't post)


    Anyway it's a better use to talk to support at this point