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It appears that iTunes match on my computer library is missing a bunch of lyrics (like 15-20%) that I had embedded in my files prior to turning iTunes Match on and subsequently updating my library with higher quality versions of songs. It has NOT haapened to every song that I converted - only to some. For the most part, the songs that are missing the lyrics are random - sometimes an entire album will be misiing them, sometimes just a song or two from an album, and many have no issues and the lyrics are there after conversion. I'm positive that I had lyrics on the ones that are now missing.


I have spent a LOT of time putting in lyrics for the 13,000+ songs I have in my library over the last 5 years and this would be tragic if they are lost. I DO have a FULL backup of all my songs and my library before I turned on iTunes Match, but I spent the last week downloading upgraded versions and cleaning up the mess in my library that iTunes Match initially gave me, so I'd also hate to lose all of that work.


Has anyone else had the same issue of missing lyrics? Any solutions?



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    same for me, i also have had about the same percentage (15-20%) of lyrics artwork disappear as well.with 21,755 audio files in total, i have a lot of work to do to get my files back into the condition that i had. I have disabled iTunes match on all of my devices until apple gets its act together.


    Steve is spinning.

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    I too am having difficulties getting iTunes match to bring over my embedded lyrics. Although my library is much smaller than the two before me, losing my lyrics would be a serious irritation  Currently, I am certain the lyrics exist and are embedded in the tracks on iTunes on my home Mac. Unfortunately, I am unable to get those lyrics to come over to my various i devices.


    Side note, I am also seeing the common issue of artwork not pulling through correctly. For the company that created the iPod, the company that was long on the cutting edge with music, the bugs in iTunes Match are disappointing. I think I speak for most when I say that we trust Apple to clean these issues up but we would certainly appreciate some feedback in the interim.

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    same here... only way to get lyrics accross to my iPhone so far is by adding the songs directly via iTunes, a real bummer I would say

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    I've found that if you already had music on your device, the lyric will have been transferred over when syncing through iTunes.


    Anything that is downloaded from your iTunes match doesn't pull through the lyrics. Whether this means that the lyrics tag simply isn't uploaded in the first place or not I don't know.


    If the lyrics aren't uploaded in the first place, once Apple provide us with iTunes match lyrics support, one of my questions would be; Do we need to re-upload or would there be some sort of clever 'meta data only' upload? Uploading for me literally took me days with the amount of DJ sets I have & I don't fancy going through that again (I use the lyrics tag for the playlist of the set).


    Then there's another concern. If the lyrics were uploaded, great, once we have lyrics support, the meta data will already be there. But. Any tunes that were 'Matched' & therefore not uploaded, what would happen there as I know the music on iTunes doesn't hold that meta data. Another 'meta data only' upload to our own cloud that links to the matched tune we download would be the ideal solution.


    Still, I doubt there'll be any response from Apple on this matter in the short term because it seems only a small number of us care about lyrics this much.


    As for the rest of the service, I love it.

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    I think that the issue here is that Match doesn't upload songs that match apple's library, it merely recognizes that you already have a copy that is presumed to be legit and will allow your devices and machines to download additional copies from apple as needed.  Apple's copies don't have lyrics however, so I'd expect newly downloaded music ( due to the encoding upgrade or just because it was missing) to be missing your lyrics. 


    I think he root of the problem here is that lyrics are basically private meta data -- you and I might have the same song and have each added lyrics but our lyrics may not match because they were input from different souces.   Until lyrics become and official part of the music offered in the store , this would seem to remain a problem.

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    The thing is that even with songs that match Apple's libary iTunes match does bring customized metadata over.  If you were to rename a track, rename an album, change the track order, or change an artist name, all of these changes would be reflected when you access the track with iTunes match.  It does not however bring over the lyrics.