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Some years ago I sold my old G4 tower to a colleague and he's still using it, but running OSX 10.3.9, which I think is Panther? Recently, the google search bar has been causing major problems. Here's what happens - when he types a query into the Safari google search bar and hits return, Safari quits and throws up the "has unexpectedly quit" alert. Even if he goes into google's main page and types the search item there and hits return, Safari quits again. However, if he knows the URL of something, or has it bookmarked, those pages open in Safari with no problem. I've tried resetting Safari for him, and trashing preferences, but no improvement. Anyone have any suggestions, please? (I remember the awful pain years ago of upgrading to Tiger on my G5, so if there's any alternative to that, I'd love to hear it.)

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