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I recently converted from Ableton Live on stage to MainStage 2  (thanx to making MainStage 2 a separate app from Logic).  So far, I've been able to reproduce every feature that I used in Live except for providing a good click track to all the musicians on stage.  My desire is to have a button that starts the click track and backing tracks.  The tempo would be driven by the current patch selected.  I think I have all the parts in place.  But things are not doing so great.


I've been trying to create an Ultrabeat Metronome.  I have my desired samples. Created my kit. Created my simple 4 count Ultrabeat sequence.  Placed Ultrabeat at concert level.  Created a button that has two mappings.  One mapping to the Ultrabeat's start/stop sequence and the second mapping to 'Start at beginning' of the Playback track.  Problem is when I tap the button, The backing track starts just fine, but the Ultrabeat pattern doesn't always seem to start on ONE.  Most of the time it seems like it's mid measure.


Any idea how to have a button that ALWAYS starts an Ultrabeat sequence on the first step of a pattern? And continue to loop until stopped?  I've tried the various settings on the bottom of the Ultrabeat window with no success.


Is Ultrabeat the best solution for providing a click track to the band?


What do you use?

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    I'm not sure if I understand your problem correctly, but maybe what you are missing is to turn "pattern mode" to on (there's a button at the bottom of Ultrabeat)?

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    If MainStage's (main) clock is running Ultrabeat runs synchronised to it, so UB will start wherever the main clock is when you press play.


    Simple solution.... do you need the MS clock to be running for any reason? If no, make sure it is stopped.







    Hang on a moment.....  starting a Playback plug starts MS main clock....

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    Ultrabeat runs in sync with the Mainstage main clock if the clock is running (hence your observation of it starting mid-bar).


    If the clock is stopped, starting a Playback also starts the main clock. Stopping a Playback does not stop the main clock, so the next time you trigger a Playback & UB, UB will start wherever the clock is.



    You could try creating an additional mapping of your Start/Stop button:


    As well as Playback and UB, map it to Actions:Play/Stop  (This works the main clock).


    Note that starting the main clock can cause a CPU glitch??


    Alternatively, you could use a second (grouped) Playback which just plays a looped click?




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    Can I have an audio looped click that adjusts to the tempo of the patch?


    Yes, I'm still not giving up on Ultrabeat though.


    Hey CCT, have you done this?  Do you supply a click track?  Does it work?

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    I'm currently using UB as my click track. I created a custom template in UB and imported my click samples. I do not set up UB at concert level but instead set up UB at each one of my SETS level. I set the tempo and time signature under each SET.


    I then map a button to ACTIONS>PLAY/STOP not to CLICK(name of channel strip)>ULTRABEAT (Drum Synth)>SEQUENCER PLAY/STOP. This allows me to stop and start the click track and for the drummer to count the song off whenever he feels like.


    I then use PLAYBACK to play my backing tracks in time with the click. I map a button for PLAYBACK to NAME OF PLAYBACK TRACK>PLAYBACK>TRANSPORT>PLAY/STOP (From Start).




    The only problem I've found with this is that if you start the PLAYBACK before the UB click it will turn on the UB click. Other than that it has been working well for me.


    Also, add a button mapped to PANIC somewhere in your setup so you can cease any/all midi/tracks at anytime.