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  • MarcoMedeiros Level 1 (0 points)

    If that's not enough of the bug is still yellow screen


  • dipansh Level 1 (0 points)

    I'm here in Delhi , India..and in the exact situation as u ?? Don know what to do have tried multiple sims ...still no luck at all

  • jose geraldo Level 1 (0 points)

    Take a look on this post:


    Worth a try. I´m going to this and let you know.

  • almarosahermosillo Level 1 (0 points)

    I followed the process as to fix my SIM INVALID issue -download the new 9A406 update, restoration, etc.- but it did not solve the problem. Is it a iphone 4S issue and should I ask for a new one (I had it one week ago and form the start it has been like this). 

  • jose geraldo Level 1 (0 points)

    After read jannee post (link above) and observe the iPhone behaviour I tried this and the iPhone has been working fine since them. It's premature to say that this is a solution since it's been running for just 3 hours, but it's muche better than before. I've been making phone calls without a problem.


    1- Turn Passcode Lock OFF (General - Settings)

    2- Turn SIM PIN ON (General - Phone)

    3- Make sure you have the PUK number for the SIM Card before proceed

    4- Change PIN - Enter 3 times the WRONG PIN, forcing it to lock your PIN and ask for a PUK

    5- Enter the correct PUK to unlock the PIN

    6- Enter a new PIN

    7- Reboot the Phone

    8- Enter the correct PIN and start using it


    Let me know how it affect your iPhone

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    I got a new phone and 5 hours after getting it the SIM issue appeared. I don't believe it would work for you either. I think it's either a complete default with the phone or a software/reading issue.


    The recent update worked for me, but I'm not holding my breath that it will last.

  • MarcoMedeiros Level 1 (0 points)
    The apple does not care for you all. The whole time I heard that theIphone was a product that the User does not have to worry to use.Android is more than for Apple. And they're not even looking atwhat you write, are laughing at all the suckers who bought the bomb!




  • momneedscoffee Level 1 (0 points)

    MarcoMedeiros wrote:


    The apple does not care for you all. The whole time I heard that theIphone was a product that the User does not have to worry to use.Android is more than for Apple. And they're not even looking atwhat you write, are laughing at all the suckers who bought the bomb!




    And you're posting here why? If you don't have an Apple product or any insights on the issue, seems to me you could be using your time better elsewhere.


    And honestly, I've not any issues with Apple. They replaced my phone within a week of me complaining. That doesn't seem like I'm being ignored. I was told to come back if it continues to happen. Again, not feeling ignored. Yes, I'm agrravated with this issue, but they are certainly far from the first to have issues with a new product.


    And, working in tech, it's also possible that they are not having an easy go at replicating the issue. For me, the restore/update fixed my issue. For others, it didn't. So there is obviously something else at play.

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    Guys u can solve this problem now there is a new os 5.0.1 for 4 s but its 9A406 instead of 9A405 and the new one fix all these problems with sim card and network

    Congratulations i am using my 4s for 2 days now and all problems gone D

  • arturofromméxico Level 1 (0 points)

    I really hope that works for you. I made the update to 9A406... but I had a sad surprise on the next morning! Good luck for you! I´m still believing in a future software fix from Apple...

  • therealikt Level 1 (10 points)

    that's completly unrelated, you just found it on google


    there is a new build aka silent update from Apple


    you phone will still randomly crash and not get you messages or anything without warning, but at least when you soft-reset it, it will hold signal. But any messages you missed are gone with the wind baby! Yeeha!

  • jose geraldo Level 1 (0 points)

    If you don't want to try, just don't do it.


    The thing is: I'd chaged the SIM that I had on my old iPhone4 to a new one 128k MicroSIM, them restore (4 times) from the newest buid, that was released 4 days ago and nothing had work so far. The behaviour changed, but the problem remains.


    Looking to the iPhone behaviour during the crash (No signal, searching, etc) one thing always happened, it lost the SIM information, because it somehow could not access the SIM in a proper way. Maybe it has some problem with a password (PIN), but it is just a guess.


    Ever since I did that strange thing, that was based on someone else try my iPhone is working. It has been hours now. I still want to see tomorrow mornig if it will be ok or if I'm going to get a Invalid SIM message.

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    I had tried all those "fixes" scattered around the net and forums, and none helped. It might seem like some thing do affect it and slightly change the behaviour, but it mostly remains the same.


    So far, the only thing that did fix it, was to get an Apple approved microSIM. The Invalid SIM is gone.


    As for the update - it does seem to have fixed things for some, but as we can see from the previous reports, there's still lots of people that keep getting the Invalid SIM problem.


    Apple has recognized that there are issues with the SIM Cards, probably both due to software bugs (as seen by this "silent" update) as well as SIM cards itself.


    For everyone having problems, please do annoy the **** out of your phone operator and Apple as well. This can't go unnoticed - and I just wish it would be more widespread so more people would see whats happening - I can't imagine how many people might be having network issues, and think it's "their fault"... and never bother to come here to check if its a widespread issue.



    Even big tech sites didn't realize that this recent was mostly to try and fix this issue, escribing it just as a "minor update with nothing new to talk about"... (although I'm complaining in my blog for over 1 month now...)

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    Hello again ladies gents boys and girls and our stoopid iPhones. Ok tried to get the invalid sim... Last night did a battery drain out to calibrate batt meter... Turned on location services and enabled 3G too... Let it charge up then took it to work fully charged. Now here is new discovery:


    It was on flight mode and reported no errors whilst it charged overnight. No good morning invalid sim since I enabled sim pin. That and changing your pin twice and reverting back to favorite pin is the fix not the puk step. That was just me tripping and forgetting a pin. Here is my findings since I enabled 3G and location services:


    1. When I got to work and disabled flight mode the phone said sim lock( to be expected since sim pin is on). I enter my nr and it said unlocking.... After ten mins past still UNLOCKING wow... Same as puk instance... Like sim reader hooks off and stops communication with phone CPU! Reboot and all fine it accepted code and came live to network. Full bars in that area as expected. All good for 8-9 hrs indeed. Got home and it has invalid sim again..


    2. Before I enabled 3G and location services it was fine for two days maybe three.. Forgot, too much debugging gets to ya. I then played with sim pin as in last posting and could never get a fail! That's when I boobed up the pin nr then seeing counter take 2 counts instead of 1 for one faulty pin entry attempt on my part.. Re activated the sim with puk code then wrote that post. Remember in that post I said was going to test 3G and see, well it fails. Now as I was stoopid and was unscientific by also turning on location services too... Now I must turn off one and I choose the 3G which I believe Is the killer now since eliminated killer one sim pin setting switch set to off. I have Tom Tom nav and thus use location services.


    So testing this setup now:


    1. Leave sim pin on

    2. Turn off 3G Cellular data off... No browsing or maps or emails etc... ***** but c'est la vie!

    3. Leave location services on all switches on.

    Test and see.. Here I return to what worked with the location services on twist and no cell data on. Let's see... If it fails will turn off location services and see if that fix posted on Sunday works as I think... Confirming the potential fix solution here... Or refuting it.. Time will tell. Not running silent update yet, leaving it 5.01 for now, keep it scientific. One wariable at a time please... Will update findings soon keep eyes open ok. Hope to help y'all and sorry if it is not possible. I'm not a god just another man. Hope or pray ( which ever your beliefs are) that the fix is sim pin on with 3 pin changes really works or if it was just luck. Ps iPhone is good but apple should have tested thorough tho... Not release beta like that bête bird Siri. If apple keeps making us a test pilot then... I suppose will dicth future iPhone purchases. So much for skipping a model and hoping 4s was better prepared than that 4 hardware.. To me looks like they are playing catch up.. We buy apple for tested and known good before release or else it would have been htc in our pockets... Or other than apple. Wasnt apple supposed to just work... Not keep up to ultra latest tech. We buy for that reason and ease of use too. The main reason is also that security setup they have if you stay stock no jail breaks... That's for htc users those tweak freaks like I used to be. You know if it could be done than it would be done.. Don't get smart and try to add too much to it or it breaks or becomes inefficient. Use what we need and life will reward us. Greed kills all ya know. Out for now dinner waits; will let you all know soon tha scoop. Keep cool reboot and use for now. Try the fix tho nothing to loose and it's quick to try.. P.s apple should come clean it would defiantly boost their image and me thinks sales too! Customers generally reward honesty with their loyalty. Now after dinner time to get out the paraglider for pre season checks and prep.. Let's fly again summer is here...

  • jannee Level 1 (0 points)

    I think if we get a week then it's looking good, but we not out of tha woods yet... If we get 3 months then I think we have it but cannot bet on it. If it gets till new model is released then I think we can bet on it to have been fixed... Untill then time will tell. From now on I will not say here is the or A fix but just try this cause it worked for me. Will post in three days after seeing..if it works if I get the week then I will post then if not will investigate then post findings.

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