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Hey all. Does anyone know how to make iPhone email app (IOS 5.0.1 on iPhone 4S) delet the local email message when it updates with the mail server (in my case Version mail)? For example: - Junk email message comes in to mail server. Get’s pushed to iPhone email app. - I log into my ISP’s webmail and delete the email message. - I go back to my iPhone email app and do a refresh of message (get mail). - The junk email message remains on in my iPhone email app and the only way I can get rid of it is to manually delete it. It’s sorta the opposite of the ‘delete mail on server’ that everyone has posts on. Instead of deleting the email from the server when it’s delete on the iPhone, I want to go the other way; when the email is deleted on the mail server I want that to be reflected on the iPhone. Anyone out there have any suggestions? Thxs much in advance! cheers cp root

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