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I have around 12.000 songs on my iTunes AND iTunes Match (all have been matched / uploaded, no leftovers). When I turn on iTunes Match on my iPhone, it shows only 4200 tracks, not all the 12k.


"Ok, let's turn off iTunes Match on the iPhone and turn it on again and see if it performs a refresh".


I have then turned off iTunes Match on the iPhone, went back to the Music, and I saw that the 4200 tracks WERE STILL THERE, with the "download from the cloud" button. Weird, i have disabled iTunes Match on the Phone...


"Let's try reboot the device"


I have then rebooted the iphone, closing all the applications before doing it, and after the reboot (iTunes Match still disabled on the device), THE SONGS WERE STILL THERE WITH THE DOWNLOAD BUTTON...


"Let's try turning itunes match on again, to see if the songs will be 12k"


Turned on iTunes Match again on the device, the tracks DID NOT CHANGE. Only 4200.


"But I want to play my music on my iphone!!! The tracks that were on the device have been deleted!!!"


So my question is:

Is there a way to force the "Music" app on the iPhone to perform a FORCED REFRESH of the iTunes Match library? Turning iTMatch off and on doesn't work.


In the meantime, the only way for me to have my music on my iPhone is to turn iTMatch off, back up the iphone and perform a iPhone Restore... Seriously.

iMac, Mac OS X (10.7)