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  • 540. Re: Home Sharing drop out with Apple TV2
    billtils Level 1 Level 1 (100 points)

    I bought an TV2 a week ago becasue I was tired of the clunkiness of the jailbreak on my TV1 but loved Airplay.  First week was heaven, played everything from my iPhone and Touch, as well as from iTunes on my MacBook running 10.7.2.  Then last night - nothing.  Spent many hours setting, re-setting, changing settings, and reading this and other threads.


    My conclusion is that it MUST be a fault in the TV since there is no Airplay functionality with the iOS devices either - if it was a computer / firewall seting thing the MacBook would be the only affected device.


    Back to the store it goes.

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    Dusters711 Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    Well, I'm frustrated to report that my TCP / UDP Firewall fix has stopped working after over 4 weeks of flawless Home Sharing in Windows 7-64 bit. Yesterday morning I tried to access Home Sharing on my ATV2 and it kept telling me to turn it on. I tried everything and it would not start back up (even complete re-install).


    I turned on Home Sharing on my Vista PC and everything shared PERFECTLY. Therefore, I uninstalled iTunes 10.5 on my Windows 7 PC and removed Bonjour and all Bonjour entries in Windows Firewall. I found iTunes 10.4.1 (64 bit) on the net and installed it. Home Sharing is now working fine on my Windows 7 PC.


    This clearly shows that there are iTunes 10.5 issues with Windows 7-64 bit. I'm going to send Apple feedback (http://www.apple.com/feedback/itunesapp.html) and I really suggest everyone do the same. Maybe they will get it together and fix these issues!!!

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    Citysurfboy Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    Exactly the same thing here.. New update Apple Tv is wonky beyond belief.. My sharing keeps dropping and what's more infuriating than that is, when I "resume watching" the movie I was kicked out of, it starts way back and freezes beyond that point, or even better I'll get a frozen screen and just the audio..


    Someone in Apple needs to learn the William Tell story, because if this keeps happening, I can see me going to their so called tech team and re-enacting it..


    Sort it out Apple ffs.


    P.S. Happy xmas all.. 

  • 543. Re: Home Sharing drop out with Apple TV2
    billtils Level 1 Level 1 (100 points)

    Took it back and got a new one.  When I plugged it in my wireless went AWOL.  Had to restore settings in the router but been OK since. 


    Suggest that EVERONE who has contributed follows Dusters711 advice and also posts to http://www.apple.com/feedback/appletv.html

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    DerChromeDinette Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    I got back on here to report some cautious optimism, since my setup is working again. Seeing that Dusters711's fix stopped working for him after working for several weeks is bad news however.


    What worked for me this time was completely turning off the Windows firewall on the sharing computer. Since my router is my firewall against the outside world, this does not concern me. But here's the thing -- I had tried that solution before (turning it off) a few weeks back and it didn't fix it. Maybe the combination of the last couple of iTunes 10.5.x updates and ATV updates PLUS turning off the firewall did the trick. But I guess I'll find out.

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    SGeorge4 Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    I have the same issue. the connection and drop out is fully managed by the device....i cant manage it myself....means - if i want to connect the Airplay will not come, other times i see the airplay icon already in iPhone4....!!

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    bradley996 Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    I ahve had an ATV2 for a year. For 9 months HomeSharing worked perfect. I suspect this issue has something to do with an update to iTunes in the last few months. It's not the wifi connection becasue every other app on the ATV2 works flawlessly.


    I have tries every suggestion on the 37 pages of responses and none work long term. They mght work for a day or two but end up failing.


    I wrote directly to Apple and suggest everyone does as well.


    The second ATV2 until I received for Christmas is headed back to the store today.

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    mhall1138 Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    Well I've been fighting this issue since the release of  iTunes 10.5.X. I have a ATV 1st Gen (with internal storage) and ATV2.  Both were working on my Windows 7 PC with no issues till 10.5 came out. Then as everyone else has reported on this list, dropouts, restarting Home Sharing etc etc. I haven't changed a thing in my home network except updating to iTunes 10.5.X.


    I think its important to note that in my case I have ZERO issues with Netfllix or Apple iTunes "store" streaming. Even my cheap Blueray player has Nexflix and it works fine so I'm pretty confident in saying my home network is solid. (I won't even mention the WDTV Live I have which also has zero streaming issues but its interface is really lacking and I never use it).


    I gave up and got around the problem for now (it appears anyway) on my ATV2 by switching fmy Windows 7 machine to a older Windows 64 machine (running iTunes 10.5.X.). Howeve, sadly no matter what I did I could never get my ATV 1st gen to be recongnized by iTunes UNTIL I physically temp. ran a ethernet cable to unit. Once I did that it came right up.


    ONCE AGAIN, I've had ZERO issues with WIFI streaming from Apple Store so in my mind that tells me its not my router (which BTW I swapped out my router with differenet brand,  tried opening TCP/UDP ports, turned off WIndows Firewall completely etc etc no luck.....all a waste of time and money on my part).


    It would be helpful if there was better built in network diagonostics on the AppleTVs.


    I would have dumped both units and switched to a different product but I can't find anything out there that has as slick of a interface as AppleTV.  Please let me know if anyone has a alternate device that has a good user interface (not WDTV Live)?

  • 548. Re: Home Sharing drop out with Apple TV2
    billtils Level 1 Level 1 (100 points)

    PLEASE, as several posters have mentioned, Apple does not monitor these community pages so you can complain all you like, but this is the wrong place - there is nobody from Apple here to hear you.  EVERYONE should use the links in my earlier post to let them know what's going on.  This has been an isue since March 9 and since iTunes 10.2.1 and TV2 4.2.

  • 549. Re: Home Sharing drop out with Apple TV2
    paul199 Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    I've had the same issues in the past with Windows homegroups not working, main PC running Windows 7 64bit. It came down to the way routers handle the relationship between wired  and wireless networks. With ATV I had the main PC wired and ATV wireless, could not get a stable connection. I've now put the main PC on wireless and hey presto, 3 days of stable connection, no drop outs, straight back on after going to sleep, works like a charm and I'm very happy with it. Let's hope it keeps working!

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    Remington99 Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    I received ATV2 as a gift for Christmas.  Had the same problems with Home Sharing.  It would work for a random but small amount of time and then stop.


    I am running Windows 7 64bit with iTunes


    I found that home sharing between two computers works fine.  I can also use AirPlay to send video to my ATV2 from either my PC or my iPad.  To me this says that the problem lies with ATV2 and it's implemention of Home Sharing.


    The solution I found was to modify the Windows firewall to allow all connections on TCP 3689 and UDP 5353.


    For those of you that understand firewalls, their default behaviour is to allow connections on most ports that originate on the computer and to allow few if any connections that originate outside the computer.


    The key in the above paragraph is where the connection originates.  This is a guess, but I believe that when PC A is home sharing from PC B, PC A is receiving the streaming data without attempting to contact PC B on either of the above two ports.  My guess is it is somehow using the existing Bonjour service to ask for more data or to at least ask for a connection on one of the above two ports.  Bonjour is already correctly configured in the Windows Firewall when iTunes installs.


    ATV2 on the other hand seems to be attempting to contact the PC on one or both of the above ports without the PC first having originated the connection.  I believe the Home Sharing communications protocol being used by ATV2 is not the same as the protocol being used by two computers running iTunes.


    At any rate, my ATV2 is stable and working well with home sharing after the firewall changes.

  • 551. Re: Home Sharing drop out with Apple TV2
    addjames Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    Does anyone know if Home Sharing is the same technology as Bonjour? About 1-2 times a day my Apple TV won't list my computers, or iTunes doesn't display any of my AirPlay speakers (Home Sharing), or my wireless printer doesn't show up (Bonjour), or my local same-network Screen Sharing (Bonjour?) doesn't work. When any of these issues happen I just restart or unplug my AirPort Time Capsule and plug it back in and everything starts working perfectly. This fix always works. Do other people have similar problems? My Apple TV worked flawlessly before the updates that came this past summer.

  • 552. Re: Home Sharing drop out with Apple TV2
    R Custance Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    Thanks britcay. Did as you posted and worked instantly. Now I can use my Christmas present.

    Very happy



    Re: Home Sharing drop out with Apple TV2

    21/12/2011 2:10 PM (in response to Agent1019)

    I have a very similar setup - i.e. Windows 7 x 64 and Microsoft Security Essentials / Windows Firewall.


    I also disabled the firewall (I'm behind a hardware firewall on my LAN anyway) and this also rectified the problem. On digging a little further (time sync) I found that adding 2-way rules to the windows firewall for TCP port 3689 and UDP port 5353 (control panel -> network & sharing center -> windows firewall -> advanced settings, add inbound and outbound PORT rules for both TCP 3689 and UDP 5353 - ie 4 rules in total)


    I dont know why the iTunes update removed the previous firewall settings (or changed its behaviour) as this all worked fine prior to the 10.5 update


    At least it's working now

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    newgolddream Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    I bought Apple TV 2nd Generation on 22/12/2011. I'm using windows 7 64bit and itunes, the first night I set it up it shared wirelessly for 5 hours playing music and did not drop out once, I was really happy with the product until...... next day the apple tv prompted me to download the latest update for it, BIG MISTAKE!!!! Since then I switch it on and have home sharing on itunes, the apple tv tells me I do not have home sharing on!! I have to deselet home sharing, reselect it and apple tv connects and plays one song, the next song in an album just whirrs away, if I menu up and select something else I get black screen with busy icon whirring away. I have done internet connection test and apple tv reckons it's fine, my conclusion is the last update has done something with home sharing connection and apple need to sort this now!! PLEASE!! I have gone from being really happy the first day of purchase to being close to throwing the irritating thing out of the window. APPLE PLEASE SORT THIS!!!!!

  • 554. Re: Home Sharing drop out with Apple TV2
    dpacifico6 Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    I'm having same problem.  Mine worked for a long time.  Suddenly, since the updates, it wont keep a connection. Mine will reconnect if I unplug my ethernet from the Apple TV and reconnect it.  It lasts for about 10 minutes and then drops again.  Ive restarted all devices, restored apple tv, unblocked all firewall protections, called comcast to make sure all ports are open, turned homeshare off/on again.


    I actually paid 30 dollars last night to talk to support.  They gave me the standard "Its your network, check the ports."  I don't believe it is the network, at least the ports issue.  Is there something I'm missing here.  Its too coincidental that the problems began with the updates.  The firmware must be unstable for homeshareing.  WHAT ELSE CAN I CHECK?  If I can't get this to work is there another media box that can communicate with Itunes?  I don't want to loose all my playlists.

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