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I was in the middle of a recording session using a PowerBook running ProTools LE7.4.1 with a Digi 002 interface when my drive crashed (techs are telling me it was just old age).  I realize now I was playing with fire using 5-6 year old equipment & should have upgraded my set up before I invested time in this project, but unfortunately, I did not (kicking myself repeatedly).


Now, I'm hoping to upgrade to a MacBook Pro & would greatly appreciate any advice on the ideal set up to continue work on my prior PT 7.4.1 sessions that have been saved on an external drive.  Specifically:


  • Is there a version of ProTools compatible with both MacBook Pro/Lion AND the Digi 002?  From what I can gather PT LE8 may be the best option, but I'm hesitant to go through an expensive computer upgrade & still work off of such an old version of PT


  • I am a long time ProTools user but have been hearing great things about Logic.  Is Logic compatible with the Digi 002?  Probably an obvious question, but am I going to find Logic is generally more Mac friendly than ProTools?  Also, is it possible to import the PT 7.4.1 sessions on my external drive to Logic?


  • Lastly, will the 13" get the job done, or should I go for the 15" ??


Many thanks


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