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I'm seeing that as of yesterday, my phone received 10.7 MB of data and sent 2.5MB. For the entire day I was on wifi, with a two hour exception where we went to a restaurant. At this time I used the Navigon GPS to get to the restaurant and texted 5 pictures through SMS.


In total since the 26th, I've somehow racked up 18.3 MB of data usage barely even leaving the house. I also noticed that another 100 k or so were used while I was sleeping and the phone was connected to wifi but on standby.


The reason I don't turn cellular data off while at home is because it seems to prohibit me from receiving photos via SMS. Is it possible to ascertain what is using so much data? I consider my 3g usage of the past two days to be extremely light, it's not as if I had been streaming video or music or even browsing the web, and I'm on a finite 2GB plan and a little worried about how fast my data accumulates with marginal use outside the home away from WiFi..


Is there a way to ascertain what is using the 3G traffic and minimize its usage during the day when I'm out and away from wifi, without disabling it altogether? Furthermore, would someone tell me if this is a normal amount of network traffic given the usage I described?


I did recently instal at&t's mobile locate but I did not accept the terms of agreement yet  or run the program.

iPhone 4S, iOS 5.0.1
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    It's a major mystery. Regardless of the "official" explanations, there is a one-hundred-and-four page thread (that's 104 pages of posts, not posts) of people trying to figure this out on this same forum, if you want to read about what everyone else has tried to think of already. I see cell data accumulate even when I spend entire days at home with the phone supposedly on my home Airport network. I am glad I'm still on my old unlimited data plan...

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    I'm also on the old Unlimited Data plan.

    But don't be fooled by the label "unlimited".


    Recently AT&T started sending me texts stating that I was in the top 5% of heavy data users, using approximately 12% more data than the average user.

    The message recommends using WiFi when available to avoid reduced speeds, or visit the AT&T website to "upgrade" to a tiered data plan (at a higher cost than the unlimited plan I'm currently on of course).

    I just looked over my current data usage, and it shows an incredibly large amount (on average, over 230 thousand KB) between 6 am and 6:30 am every day - this is the time I'm always on the road driving to work.

    All push notifications etc have been disabled and I'm ON THE ROAD DRIVING, so there should be absolutely NO data usage during that time.

    I just spoke with an AT&T "tech", and he said he's filing some kind of report to have another "tech" check into the large data usage and they'd get back to me in a few days. In case you're wondering, I'm not holding my breath waiting for a phone call, or a even a call with a logical answer.


    In essence, AT&T is realizing that most people with smartphones use them for nearly everything now, and the ones on unlimited plans are basically riding for free over those on tiered plans.


    I was informed via text this morning that I broke that magic "top 5%" user plateau (I'm at 2101.21MB as of today) and that my data speeds "may be reduced".

    I'm sorry, but my understanding of the word "unlimited" means without restrictions. Reducing my data speed is a restriction, therefore violating the Unlimited Data plan that I'm paying for.


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    Hi all, just been reading through this thread as I'm on a bit of a Data Usage quest myself and I think I've found a quick solution.


    Firstly, turn of all your data usage and reports, these will run randomly and as we've found out, the phones go into cellular data mode as soon as they are put into sleep mode.  These reports can run at any given time and can easily use up a large chunk of your data when accumulated. Those settings are through General > About.

    Scroll to the bottom of this page and into Diagnostics and Usage BUT as below, there is yet another setting for this further in another area.  Set these to Don't Send.


    Seeing as the phones go into cellular mode when they are in sleep mode, so they instantly start processing any data as cellular data, make sure your email and notifications are on manual only instead of auto-fetch as once any updates are noticed on a server, the phone will fetch those updates as well but also, go into:


    Setting > Location Services


    Scroll to the bottom and look for System Services


    Turn off the options for DIAGNOSTICS AND USAGE.

    Turn off the options for Location Based iAds

    Turn off the options for traffic


    I had the very same issue as so many seem to be having with extra high data usage through the night, around 70 - 80Mb which was killing my 200Mb data plan initially setup as I use an approx 90% WiFi connection. We've now already upgraded my plan to a 3Gig plan to avoid over-use and extra charges but now finding these settings, the phone barely uses 300Kb in any one day.


    Something to try and would love to hear any more feedback if this helps you all too