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I want to buy a cool laptop for my homework. But I'm in doubt between the Macbook Air 13 inch 128 GB

and the Macbook pro 13 inch 500 GB. The macbook Air is (maybe) faster and lighter but the macbook pro has more GB.

What should I choose, and why?


kind regards


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    macbook air.

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    i would definately buy a macbook air. if storage is a huge issue, you can always purchase external harddrives:) thats what it did

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    Buy the macbook pro. Better laptop at a comparable price. Bottom line the macbook pro is a "real" laptop with better processor, more ports, super drive, usable storage, and better upgradability.

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    I just saved up for 8 months and bought a macbook air. I, too, use it for homework and a few other things, and I have never once been unhappy with it. It's small, fast, extremely portable, and always is great for whatever I need to do on it. Unless you're planntng on doing things that reqire a really heavy duty processor and memory, go with the air. I promise you will be very satisfied! : )

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    Also, I have the 11 inch with 64 gigs of memory, and i have had no problems with maxing it out or anything. if you get a 13 inch, you'll definitley be fine.

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    I actually spoke to an Apple Sales Advisor about the same issue. I couldn't decide between the two. When I gave him a run down of what I was wanting to do with it he really put into perspective that the Air was the best option for me. I too worry constantly about space. I have a HP Pavillion running Windows 7 as my main computer and it has 2 Hard Drives. One is almost full and I get worried about it but the other is practically empty and alot of it is just junk I've downloaded and think I need but really probably don't. He asked me things like what I wanted to do, music, videos, work, school, and such and he had some great answers I needed to hear. He told me I would first not notice much of a difference between the 1.7Ghz in mine than I would if i got anything higher up thanks to the speedy flash memory, and he also mentioned what we all know its ready right out of the bag so you can get to work quicker. I have over 4000 songs on my desktop saved in iTunes and he mentioned to me that that was nowhere close to filling my 128GB storage available in the Air. The though of having no disc drive was crazy, but again he reassured me that I would always have a disc drive around and I was like what? He mentioned to me that the Air can use any computer's disc drive as long as its on the network to install software or anything else. I was unaware of this and realy made leaning Air an option as I'm always going to have a desktop of some sort around for awhile which I'll be able to access its drive. Another option was of course moving files via USB to the Air which was also a great idea. I also liked the fact the 13" has both Thunderbolt and a SD slot for pictures. He made a side note to inform me that the screen on the 13" Air is actually a higher resolution than that of the Pro. Now I'm unsure of how true this is, but this is what I was informed of and he told me that if I was doing a research paper or doing business work on it, which I will probably be doing with it as well, the screen will be more likely to allow me to put multiple things in view compared to a Pro. I liked the fact knowing that the Air had a great screen so that makes watching Netflix or YouTube a much better experience in my opinion. I am still unsure about the ability of not being able to upgrade storage and memory since it is soldered to the motherboard, but it can be done at least just not easily. After lots of thought I decided the Air fit my lifestyle well. Speedy, light, easy to use, and the abilities of a Pro in a compact form just made sense. He really put into perspective that I wasn't doing as much as I think I do on my PC which was good for me to hear. So if your a student and a part time worker on the side who needs portability to work and play on their Mac then the Air is def your best choice. Like everyone else has mentioned get that External Hard Drive if you need that much more space, but if your not doing anything hard core like Photoshop, Final Cut, or anything really intense then the Air will def meet all your needs and then some. If those are things your looking at getting into then I'd probably lean towards the Pro. If not then def grab an Air.

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    These are questions for yourself rather than for us. But, as long as you ask, let us resume the issue:

    1. Air: (very) light, ideal for mobility; may be connected to an external monitor and attach a physical keyboard and mouse and may become a workstation.

    But: limited disk space, not very good performance with pro apps, cannot upgrade RAM

    2. MBP: heavier (but not very heavy), better hardware, bigger disk space, better performance. May also become a desktop comptuer at home/in the office, may put more RAM (in fact, up to 16 GB against 4 GB for Air, if ordered so).

    From now on, your needs and your pocket decide for one of them. If you need performance, and already have a desktop at home/in your office, an Air may be an option for its portability; if to be used both at home/in the office and also during weekends, then a MBP.

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    In with 2011 MBA I5, I say if it can put 2010 macbook pro to shame (not saying anything bad in regards to that computer), but Apple has taken a step that has now started a trend the with Macbook Air can you say... "ULTRABOOKS". though small they came a long way for existance of the Air and still going forward with a 15" version. and even making a thin macbook pro, I imagine to be very much like Air's but more power performance, so don't was't youre time on a fossilized in the making Pro, unless you're getiing it used.