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I logged out of my Mac before heading on vacation two weeks ago. I have a Time Machine set up, and had numerous files on my desktop. I had Parallels 6 installed with Windows 7 Professional, and after logging back into my computer with no one having access to it I find that my Mac acts as though it has no memory of anything I've done! When I open Parallels, it asks if I want to install  a new virtual machine--it can't find mine! It asks me whether I want to install iCloud (when I had done this months ago). My Aperture folder is up-to-date as of a few months ago, but not as of two weeks ago when I logged out. When I start applications, they want me to register--as though I'm using them for the first time!


Major League Help needed! When I went into Time Machine, I saw that even though Time Machine backups were begin made, there was nothing on them. The computer is a brand-new (mid 2011) iMac with 12G RAM and a 1Tbyte HDD. I am at a complete loss as to what happened and how to restore everything to the way it was 2 weeks ago.