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Happy new year!   My wife and I have a first gen iPad.  Ever since we update our IOS we will be browsing in Safari, and then just get booted out and returned to our IOS menu.  I have tried resetting, clearing history, cache etc.   I have never had a problem with any earlier version of IOS.  Any thoughts or suggestions would be appreciated!



iPad, iOS 5.0.1
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    Close all applications running in the background.


    To do this, double-tap the Home button to display a menu of recent applications, hold down any icon until you see the minus sign. Tap the minus sign and close application.


    After closing your application, reset your iPad. Hold the Sleep and Home button down for about 10 seconds until you see the Apple logo.

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    Short of restoring the device back to factory settings and then setting it up as a new device - slowly adding content back to the iPad to try to find an app or some sort of conflict that might be causing this - I don't beleive that there is much that you can do at this point. It is my opinion that this is a memory management issue that can only be fixed with an iOS update from Apple.


    This issues has been reported many times to Apple and it has been discussed for weeks on this help site. I've seen no real fix to this point. I too am waiting for the fix from Apple.


    Read these disucssions and look for more by searching the discussion site.




    The one thing that I try to do - even though it is not supposed to matter with the iPad iOS - is to quit apps in the task bar while I'm using Safari. I also downloaded an app called System Status which will allow you to free up RAM on the iPad when the RAM drops to criticlly low levels. This does help - but it is a real pain to have to deal with this problem in the first place.

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    Thanks Demo, it's good to know that others have had the same issue.  Well not good, but good to know that I am not alone in this matter. 



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    Thanks, I have tried that, and it wil work for a while, but the same old issues still happen.  Appreciate the information.



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    This is the one thread that I tried to find for you earlier. It doesn't help anybody's situation, but there have been some intereseting things to try in this thread that appear to be working for some of these users.


    Take a look if you care to do so and see if there is anything that you think might work for you.

    Safari Crashes on iPad after iOS 5 Update