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I am using a Mac Server and on my client I want contacts stored on my CardDav on my server to be able to be used in my invitations in iCal but they do not show up! only my OpenDirectory contacts do!

What am I doing wrong?

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    I'm having the SAME issue. Apple has created a great software package that CAN'T work with itself. My Apple Address book is connected to my OS X Server (10.6) via CardDAV - NOT a SINGLE program from Apple besides Mail can read the CardDAV source. iCal auto complete - useless. Drag and drop a contact from AddressBook to Numbers - Only if it's 'On my Mac' Even Billings (not Apple) will only read a local source. Anyone have a solution?
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    Same issue, no changes with 10.6.7. Anyone have a solution? Is something more to configure?



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    Ok, it's really a bug. Please report it to bugreport.apple.com.

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    Has anyone noticed if these issues are resolved with 10.7 Lion Server?


    In addition to the lack of CardDAV integration in iCal, Numbers, and almost all 3rd party applications, I'd like to point out the inability to edit distribution lists in an Address Book group and inability to set a Me card (ensuring that you have to keep your "On My Mac" address book active.


    Interestingly, I haven't seen or heard of these problems with iCloud accounts which are effectively CardDAV accounts managed by Apple, no?

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    Same issue. We are using a Mac Server 10.6.8 and more than 150 client (Snow lepoard, Moutain Lion ...) .Address Book is set to store new contacts on our server, and this works fine.


    But when i create a new iCal event and try to add invites, i can only use addresses from "On My Mac". To use CardDAV contacts, i need to open Address Panel, select and drag contacts from my server into the event, but that is a pain.


    We don't met this issue with Mail. When I type in the first few letters of name or email, this works fine.


    Thanks for your help

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    Same issue. We're running Lion server - our clients cannot send an invite from their icals which reference our CalDav instance. This is a huge problem for us. And Apple support has been zero help - even enterprise support has been useless.

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    I think you meant CardDAV instance, correct?


    I don't have these problems anymore since Lion. I can't remember what I meant by Numbers integration, but the rest have been resolved (including Skype, iCal, Ensoul) or have a work-around (like creating AB groups locally or in iCloud, editing the distribution list and then copying them to the CardDAV account).


    I know that doesn't help much except to say that it's no longer a missing functionality issue, but more of a problem specific to your install.