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Hi - Using three year old macbook and no problems til today.  Was editing documents in pages, saved one as a pdf (as normal) then suddenly, nothing would work when I went back to original pages document - (I am doing this all the time so nothing different)  I then noticed that although I had iCal and Address book open, I could do nothing with them.  Then tried to work on the pages document again and although cursor moves, I could affect nothing.  The only way I was able to sort, was to log out, restart or shutdown (it's happened several times now and all these work).   Things then work for a while before locking with 'finder' on top bar.


One other thing I've noticed, whether it's related or not, is that if I try to open 'All Files' the icon sort of flashes but does not open. This has also only just happened today.



Out of AppleCare and so they could not help other than to say they would send me 'troubleshooting' links which haven't arrived.  Help!

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    Hey johnfromnew malden,


    First off, do you have all of your files backed up?


    Have you ever replaced the hard drive?


    Try starting up in Safe Mode by holding the Shift key while booting. Continue holding the Shift key until you see the login window. It may take 5 or more minutes to start up as Safe Mode will try to repair your hard drive if there are issues.