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I've recently bought the Lion server. Checking VPN and adding my static IP sounds easy enough.

I then went home to my computer running 10.6, opened the system preferences, added vpn under network.

I guess I have to choose LTP2? What would be the network name? I left it as the filled in "VPN (L2TP)".

As the server address I put my static IP. Account name - is that my user name from the file sharing network

I created in the server software? That's what I used, and added the password for that user account under

Authentification settings, plus the shared secret, I had copied from the server.

Once I apply these settings and try to connect I get the message that the server is not responding and to try to reconnect.


Can anyone fill i the blancs? Obviously I'm missing some stuff inbetween, but canot find answers online.

I guess this is too basic for a forum, but where does one start to learn this stuff??


Do I need to open specific ports on my router connected to the server network? It does say "vpn is enabled" in the

setup window.

Do I need to create a certificate of some sorts and plce it somewhere?

Do I need tp upgrade my other computer to Lion? I created a "VPN.mobileconfig" file on the server, but when I copy

and open it on a machine running 10.6 it doesn't install anything and just opens up in text edit as a bunch of code.


Please help!

Mac mini, Mac OS X (10.7.2), Lion Server