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  • G5 kemist Level 1 (10 points)

    Hi there, I had the same issue happen to me trying to download and install Lion. I had to download it 4 times and all failed with the same error message. Finally, I figured I was making the download from behind my organization's proxy, so I turned that off and downloaded the file one last time (the fifth), and sure enough, I could tell right from the start of the download process that this time it was gonna be different judging by the the blue progress line on Lion's icon in the dock, this line had been stretched to the length of the entire monitor on the previous, corrupted downloads, buf with this one it was confined to the icon's length, the way it should appear. The dowwnload completed and I installed Lion successfully. This might shed more light on the issue with some of you out there experiencing the same problem.



  • shoseph Level 1 (0 points)

    A client's 27-inch Core i3 iMac (Mid-2010) with 10.6.8 had this error come up when upgrading to Lion. After a lot of troubleshooting, I narrowed it down to a bad stick of RAM. After I removed the bad stick, the install ran fine. I suggest downloading Applejack with Memtest and running Memtest in single-user mode. It will let you know if you have some bad RAM.


    Applejack download:

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    what the heck? after waiting so many hours, got a corrupted file? Such a pain to download this thing!

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    Using secondry click choose "Show Package Contents" open "Contents" folder and then go to "Shared support" and open "Install ESD.dmg" double click on Install Mac OS X Lion and thats it, its will not shows you that error again. It really works.

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    I didn't try it like iMas119, but that may be easier than what I did. If that doesn't work for you, try this:


    After my second download, I refused to download it again. I followed the instructions to create a Lion Install Disk in the article linked below. Worked perfect. Starts on the page 2, about halfway down.


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    same problem here. I tried to download it several times as you describe above. I tried also with the DVD. nothing happened.. please help

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    My problem was solved by replacing two memory I added after getting the iMac. It looks like you can run Mac OS with a bad RAM but the big file download is more demanding. Before you replace any RAM, you can use memory test program like ( to see if your installed RAM has issues.

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    I'm having the same problems, i downgraded from lion to snow leopard then wanted to switch back again, after finishing the download the message " the software could not be verified.  It may have been corrupted or tampered with during downloading".  I tried to delete the install lion icon and when I opened mac store it doesn't have the download or the install button, but the price is indicated so it means i have to buy it again.  Also, I deleted the lion in my purchases so when i click on my purchases it says no items purchased.

    Please help me.  thank you.

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    I had the same problems as you discribe above. In my opinion there is a problem at the official donload / file. I tried to install an installation package I found via torrent and it worked perfect. If you have already paid the new software you will have no problems at all. Updates work perfect. Thank you.

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    I am pretty sure it is not because the software you downloaded is corrupted. I have the lion installer and it passes the checksum, but I still ran into the same problem. Finally I found out a solution:


    1. Open the content of the Lion installer (right click on the installer and select Show Package Contents).

    2. Navigate into a sub-directory where you can find two .dmg file in it. One .dmg file is LionGAInstallESD.dmg. Double click to open it.

    3. You will find another Install OS X Lion application in it. Double click and run it.

    4. The installer will download something from the Internet and start to install Lion.

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    thanks! i already installed a new lion from my friend, so i didnt bother checking on the old one anymore.  i just hope i wont be needing to reinstall lion again after this.

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    it is available on a USB stick but it costs more, this is the cheaper hardware free always accessible option

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    "The software could not be verified. It may have been corrupted or tampered with during downloading."



    Does anyone have an answer to this message ???????? i bought the product but i have only one chance to download it, if it fails, i´m screwed up ???



    A product that is suposed to be mine but i can´t even download it !!!!



    Great move apple !

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    Camilo T wrote:


    "The software could not be verified. It may have been corrupted or tampered with during downloading."



    Does anyone have an answer to this message ???????? i bought the product but i have only one chance to download it, if it fails, i´m screwed up ???



    A product that is suposed to be mine but i can´t even download it !!!!



    Hello Camilo,


    Don't worry, you can download it as many times as you like. I had to download mine a few times before I got a non corrupt version. If you read the posts above, you'll notice that one solution has been to pause (not stop) the download from time to time (it worked for me at least).


    Regarding the other issue regarding the ownership of the software, "unfortunately" it's not really yours, you just have the right to use it. Legally, Apple is the owner of the operating system and by paying and downloading, you are allowed to use it, hence the license of use as opposed to the ownership...


    Hope this helps. Regards.

  • Camilo T Level 1 (0 points)

    OMG, thank you Peter, i´m sorry i was very upset when i wrote that post.

    I understood about the ownership and the licence, thank you again.


    but, i don´t understand why there´s a corrupt version, or does anybody knows why?



    Regards, and thank you again.