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  • 60. Re: Can't edit photo imported from iphone 4S
    lsafley Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    They most certainly did make a different version of a JPEG file.  One that is less compatible with Windows.


    They will for sure make a fix for this during some fancy roll out of the next operating system update and probably will never even mention it.


    I fully understand that most users do not ever make any changes to photos from there PC, so therefore not alot of complainers yet.   It may be years down the road before people get to editing nows photos.   That is sort of the way it works.   Most users just transfer to storage device and move on. 


    I like to put my photos in a dated folder that is done automatically through windows, then I like to put tags on most photos right after upload.  Then I like to crop them into widescreen for digital viewing on my home entertainment system and xboxes.   This procedure has worked for years until the Iphone 4s photos. 


    A photo library that is not organized with tags and such is such a waste of time.  Its like that old photo box that is full of printed photos that nobody will ever get to the bottom of and they are always kept to one day put in to that album.  My digital collection is from 1998 and I can look up most photos by any tag word and yes they are all cropped into a widescreen format to view on my widescreens.  Windows actually keeps the back up versions incase I ever want to print a full size photo.


    I have advised all my younger family members that if they dont start organizing digital photos that they will never have enough time to to back and organize them.  Simply there will be too many of them and not enough time.  Back in 1998 I look back and notice maybe 100 photos during a month, heck the camera only held about 12 back then, now each month can easily have 1500.  If tagged right and cropped right these photos are very awesome entertainment.  type in maybe tball and get all those or a persons name and get those, then hit slide show and watch away on a widescreen.  I had some time recovering so for about a month had to work about 16 hours  a day organizing my collection so I can get use out of it.  My whole family loves it, they can type in any key word and get the photos instantly.   The collection I had prior to this was a big junk drawer.


    So the advice is, everyone with digital photos should try cropping them and tagging them each upload into Windows and if it does not work please voice a concern on some sort of Forum.   If these files are not compatible with Windows please say something.  Yes Apple did create a different JPEG file.  How scary is that.  Makes me not want to even trust my archive of precious memories.

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    SandyJef Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    Okay just got off the phone with Apple Support - They claim to know nothing of this problem.  When I told them I read post after post on their website, they say they do not have time to be aware of problems posted here.  Funny I read other post where the poster said they called Apple to report the problem - still no acknowledgement.  Seems like denial.  Best part was the rep said they are technical support but they do not work for Apple.  Great.  I am starting to regret my purchase this Christams. Still time to take it back under warranty. 


    Anyway... just a post to say don't waste your time contacting Apple tech support.  They said it had to be an issue with the other program.  Funny I use Windows Live Gallery to download....thought it was very basic and it has always worked with any device I used.  They say I need to contact Windows.


    Good luck with the work around crew... I'm taking my phone back and getting a Droid.  Hopefully it will download fine.  Heck I might even get a tech support that says they actually work for the product they support. 

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    clofromdavis Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    I've found about half the Apple people I've talked to, including supervisors, DO know about the ridiculous inexcusable glitch that on many (but unfortunately, not ALL) 4s phones, the photos don't download correctly to a PC.  I also found that even with the ones I was able to rotate with the Lossless jpeg rotator, when I try to ATTACH them to an email, they rotate wrong yet again.  It is absurd that this isn't being fixed quickly.  I talked to one supervisor whose own mother was having this problem.  Everyone I've talked to says they will pass the information on to their higher ups.  One supervisor assured me that they really do care about PC users, and that 80% of iphone owners actually use PCs, not Macs.  So, it gives me hope.  Meanwhile, I try not to take very many photos, because it's so darn frustrating.  I DID contact Dell, and spent 3 hours talking to them.  They said they had fixed it, but what they actually accomplished is that, before that, even the Lossless rotator hardly worked, and after they made some adjustments, it now works most of the time.

    Not exactly a FIX.  It's an APPLE PROBLEM.  Come on Apple! Read these posts! 

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    Hoffffy Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    I rang up Apple about this problem about two weeks after receiving 4S (release day), and the person I spoke to said that he had not heard about this problem. He didn't really seem to understand what I was explaining to him, but assumed my problem was due to my windows software. But I can defiantly say that it isn't down to windows, as I've also got a 3GS running iOS 5.0.1 which transfers all photos perfectly fine without any problems, whereas my 4S is still having the same problems running the same iOS and the same laptop.


    On another note I have downloaded the Jpeg Lossless Rotator program and that's working a treat, far better then using paint individually, but still not good enough on Apples part.

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    Microsoft_Harold Level 1 Level 1 (5 points)

    well guys i posted the work around to fix this issue and explained the nature of the issue, yea i know i am frustrated too! And cant believe windows phone cant pick up steam and get more market share haha

    check page 2 for the workaround

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    lsafley Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    Yes, 80 percent of Iphone users are using a PC, but out of that 80 percent the hobbiest that actually wants an organized digital collection that shows off the home entertainment system to its fullist is maybe a fraction of those.


    They absolutely must know of the problem and yes they did create some sort of different JPEG.  I would have never went this direction because the number one feature of my picking out a phone is the camera and multimedia functions.  I will probably never carry camera that is not a phone also for the rest of my life, well, except I do like my waterproof Kodak for the summer time.


    The newest Apple add says, "this is the only camera you need"  The add is part of a huge campaign.   The camera does not have a timer, you have to take the back case off for flash photos, you can not shoot photos in widescreen 16x9, then once edited on the Iphone the  changes do not transfer over to Windows 7.    People keep telling me they can take non blurry photos and video with one hand holding the Iphone sideways.   The one and only way is to hold the phone upside down, then you need to rotate them on a PC later which is a pain.


    I was outside of my return date before I ever started editing my photos and really was never worried because all the old Iphones had typical JPEG files.


    I get the experts telling me to buy apps to do simple things like widescreen photos or timers, that is funny.  The quickstart buttons on the Iphone 4s were why I bought the phone.  There is nothing worse than waiting for someone trying to take a photo going though apps and settings.   The window for a good photo is about 1 second, past that it simply looks posed.


    Thank you so much for not making me feel alone, that has been Apples trick for way too long.  They have so many cheerleaders, quite a crazy group.   I call it the Gratefull Dead group for gadgets.  When you see a customer complaining at a Genious Bar they are treating those guys like they are a local preacher of something.    Its like, thank you Apple.  I had the opportunity to take time off work or my family to have this wonderful experience of coming to the Apple Store.   Simply it is weird.   Yes, though, they do give great service once at the Genious Bar though.  I see all these customers shaking hands, saying thank yous, all because some kid replaced there phone.  The customer just lost important calls for the two days prior and everything on his phone since the last back up was lost for ever, but, thank you Apple.

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    lsafley Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    ya, there is not enough time in the day.  My editing really only consists of changing all photos to 16x9 and it needs to be done quickly.  I agree with first using paint, open and save as JPEG, click yes when it wants you to replace file.  Then come back to Windows Live Photo Editor and edit away, next, next, next


    Its that Paint step that wrecks the whole thing.


    The widescreen thing is laughed at me alot because it is still sort of new.  My guess it though in the next 5 years there will be no such thing as a 4x3 digital photo.  There is zero reason.   Even billboards need widescreen photos.   I get the arguement of what about magazines.   Haha, like those wont be 100 percent digital soon and they will certainly be designed to look better on a widescreen.   10 years from now there will be no more square displays at all.


    Thank you for your fix though, it really does work if you have enough time.

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    lsafley Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    Apple also knows that only about 4 percent of customers in any situation that are not happy will actually complain.  This post is an example, 10000 views and only 60 people willing to say anything.

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    Hoffffy Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    Didn't think about this before, but since reading other people's comments I've realised that when editing photos through the native iOS photo app, when transferring to pc the changes I made like red eye removal are changed back to original. What a waste of time!

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    lsafley Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    Yes, lots of people just have not gotten around to it yet.   What a huge waste of time.  All that fancy editing looks great on the small screen though.  LOL

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    kadams1@sky.com Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    Thanks everyone for confirming it's not my lack of knowledge or skills that is causing this issue.  I went into apple yesterday, they claim they have never heard of the issue.  The straw that has broke the camels back for me is that you use apple functionality to crop and remove red eye, only for this to be ignored when you retrieve the photo on your PC.


    Shame, I was looking at moving all Laptops and PC's to apple, this has now been shelved now that I realise that apple are not willing to develop a product that aids people in sharing their photos with non apple product users.


    Just called apple re returns policy, I will be taking my phone back on Monday and going back to my old HTC

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    lsafley Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    I have banned off 10 boards already for bringing up this issue.    I have simply said that the Apple version of a JPEG is different than anything I have ever used.   It should be called IJPEG. or QuicktimePhoto.   Then I would have known and not purchased my Iphone in the first place.  The camera mode is the most important feature in my Iphone and I say it is the most used feature of any smart phone.  All the other apps combined like star finder, tetris, wobble my whatever are great features but end of the day most people take a few photos, send a few texts or emails and make a few calls.

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    kadams1@sky.com Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    I have just discovered an alternative that may save you time, though it takes a while to set up.  Dropbox.  If you save your phots into dropbox from your phone, access them on your PC, it then allows you to rotate without using paint.  From here you can copy multiple photos and place into your own directory

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    lsafley Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    Great fix but I have pretty much been scared off of using any photo programs other than the ones provided by Microsoft through Windows. 


    Especially if they are free.   Who has time to have an attorney read the fine print before you install the software.  It would be so easy to give one of these programs rights to your photos.  It would also be easy to find out years later that there program is not compatible.  Haha, similar to Iphone JPEG now.

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    TK1420 Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    The "JPEG and PNG Stripper" program was free and did the job, but is ridiculous that I have to resort to that to manage my photos. Hopefully Apple will fix this in the next iOS update.

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