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I'm experiencing a sudden FCP crash when loading SD card data in the Log and Transfer window.


I previously captured the footage and edited in Prores Proxy (with no problems), and I'm now upscaling to Prores HQ. Here's what I'm doing: right clicking on a clip/clips and selecting 'batch capture'. Log and Transfer window opens and prompts me to locate the relevant card data, which is currently stored on an external firewire HD. When I select the correct card, FCP starts to load the data, then crashes suddenly.


The footage is from a Canon 5D and a Canon 550D (Rebel T2i).


Have already tried deleting prefs and running a software update (for FCP and the Canon transfer plugin). Neither solution has worked.


Part of the crash message (incl. system info) posted below.


Thanks in advance for any help.



Process:         Final Cut Pro [421]

Path:            /Applications/Final Cut Pro.app/Contents/MacOS/Final Cut Pro

Identifier:      com.apple.FinalCutPro

Version:         7.0.3 (7.0.3)

Build Info:      FCPApp-1008261348~8

Code Type:       X86 (Native)

Parent Process:  launchd [135]


Date/Time:       2012-01-19 11:57:06.778 +0000

OS Version:      Mac OS X 10.6.8 (10K549)

Report Version:  6


Interval Since Last Report:          348887 sec

Crashes Since Last Report:           15

Per-App Interval Since Last Report:  254284 sec

Per-App Crashes Since Last Report:   13

Anonymous UUID:                      CC80CCE8-CEFE-46F8-981F-2984B60DF875



Exception Codes: 0x0000000000000002, 0x0000000000000000

Crashed Thread:  30


Application Specific Information:

*** Terminating app due to uncaught exception 'NSInvalidArgumentException', reason: '*** -[NSURL initFileURLWithPath:]: nil string parameter'

*** Call stack at first throw:


          0   CoreFoundation                      0x956976ca __raiseError + 410

          1   libobjc.A.dylib                     0x966d85a9 objc_exception_throw + 56

          2   CoreFoundation                      0x956973f8 +[NSException raise:format:arguments:] + 136

          3   CoreFoundation                      0x9569736a +[NSException raise:format:] + 58

          4   Foundation                          0x923779e8 -[NSURL(NSURL) initFileURLWithPath:] + 90

          5   Foundation                          0x92377976 +[NSURL(NSURL) fileURLWithPath:] + 72

          6   MIO                                 0x01069105 -[MIORADVolume initWithPath:delegate:undoManager:] + 99

          7   MIO                                 0x01077662 -[MIORADVolumeDataSourceContainer initWithDataSource:delegate:undoManager:] + 146

          8   MIO                                 0x010775a8 +[MIORADVolumeDataSourceContainer volumeWithDataSource:delegate:undoManager:] + 122

          9   MIO                                 0x010664a3 -[PluginLockPair volumeWithPath:error:] + 331

          10  MIO                                 0x010686aa -[MIORADPluginManager doesPath:containSomeOfClipsWithUIDs:] + 214

          11  MIO                                 0x010633ef -[MIORADManager doesPath:containSomeOfClipsWithUIDs:] + 51

          12  Final Cut Pro                       0x005635cc -[RADBrowserController performSearchForReingestPaths:] + 786

          13  Foundation                          0x923424c4 -[NSThread main] + 45

          14  Foundation                          0x92342474 __NSThread__main__ + 1499

          15  libSystem.B.dylib                   0x93518259 _pthread_start + 345

          16  libSystem.B.dylib                   0x935180de thread_start + 34







Model: MacBookPro6,2, BootROM MBP61.0057.B0C, 2 processors, Intel Core i7, 2.66 GHz, 4 GB, SMC 1.58f16

Graphics: NVIDIA GeForce GT 330M, NVIDIA GeForce GT 330M, PCIe, 512 MB

Graphics: Intel HD Graphics, Intel HD Graphics, Built-In, 288 MB

Memory Module: global_name

AirPort: spairport_wireless_card_type_airport_extreme (0x14E4, 0x93), Broadcom BCM43xx 1.0 (

Bluetooth: Version 2.4.5f3, 2 service, 19 devices, 1 incoming serial ports

Network Service: Ethernet, Ethernet, en0

Network Service: AirPort, AirPort, en1

Serial ATA Device: TOSHIBA MK5055GSXF, 465.76 GB

Serial ATA Device: MATSHITADVD-R   UJ-898

USB Device: Hub, 0x0424  (SMSC), 0x2514, 0xfa100000 / 2

USB Device: Hub in Apple Pro Keyboard, 0x05ac  (Apple Inc.), 0x1003, 0xfa140000 / 6

USB Device: Apple Pro Keyboard, 0x05ac  (Apple Inc.), 0x020c, 0xfa143000 / 7

USB Device: BRCM2070 Hub, 0x0a5c  (Broadcom Corp.), 0x4500, 0xfa110000 / 5

USB Device: Bluetooth USB Host Controller, 0x05ac  (Apple Inc.), 0x8218, 0xfa113000 / 9

USB Device: Apple Internal Keyboard / Trackpad, 0x05ac  (Apple Inc.), 0x0237, 0xfa120000 / 4

USB Device: Internal Memory Card Reader, 0x05ac  (Apple Inc.), 0x8403, 0xfa130000 / 3

USB Device: Hub, 0x0424  (SMSC), 0x2514, 0xfd100000 / 2

USB Device: IR Receiver, 0x05ac  (Apple Inc.), 0x8242, 0xfd120000 / 4

USB Device: Built-in iSight, 0x05ac  (Apple Inc.), 0x8507, 0xfd110000 / 3

FireWire Device: Hard Drive Quadra, LaCie, Up to 800 Mb/sec