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Come faccio a riordinare per nome le sottocartelle nella cartella principale foto? Se apro la cartella foto e in Vista scelgo "Ordina foto per...." , qualsiasi opzione scelgo non succede niente.


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    Google translation

    How do I reorder by name the subfolders in the main picture? If I open the folder in Vista photos and choose "Sort photos by ...." Anyoption I choose, nothing happens.


    This may be difficult due to language


    there are two main views of the library - photos and events - neither included folders or albums


    Folders and albums show in the source pane on the left - albums contain photos and the photos can be sorted as you desire including manually


    Folders contain other folders or albums and can be sorted alphabetically or manually


    I have no idea what Viata Photos is - is this the view menu possibily?



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    I mean that, in the Photos folder, under Library, there are folders that contain pictures. These folders have a name, example mother birthday or holiday an Italy etc. etc . Now I want to put these folders in alphabetical order to find them easily, but I can not.

    thanks GP

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    You can do this by going to the View menu and then Sort Photos.