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I hope I am in the right page here.  I just got the new 4s and am very happy with it insofar.


However, there is something wierd with my app store.  I tried downloading a new app (if it matters it was Angry Piggy ℗) and I got the "Unable to Purchase, try iTunes...etc." window.  I said OK and tried another app later, it downloaded, but not without putting up the same window still mentioning Angry Piggy, first.  I have since succesfully downloaded Angry Piggy, tried it, and deleted it, with no change to the pop up window.


It doesn't stop my use of the phone at all, it is just really annoying.


How do I get rid of this?  Preferably on the phone itself, I do not have a supported computer to plug it into.

eMac G4, Mac OS X (10.3.x)
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