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    kreme Level 1 Level 1 (35 points)

    What Modular is saying is basically what I was saying. Apple didn't program the annoyances into the apps. The App Developers did. If you are having an issue with an App that is persistent about the Game Center after you've disabled it, the App Developer is the one you need to contact.


    Getting rid of the Game Center won't get rid of the annoyances in your individual apps because the 'Tie' to it (for lack of a better word) is already programmed into the individual apps themselves, 'not' the Game Center.


    Apple simply offered a functionality that some people actually do like. I can live with that. Unfortunately, the key word is 'some', not 'all'.


    As for Bloatware, well, it's just something we've all had to deal with since computing started. I'm not a fan but it is what it is and it's likely here to stay. I don't like MS internet explorer or Apple's Safari (to name the basics). Yet they have their uses that we may not notice which is why there are no options to delete them. They're tied into the system just like the Game Center is. That's fine. I still use what I want to use and simply pretend that they don't exist.


    Apple isn't perfect. No company is. In reality, they're a corporate entity trying to make a buck, and trying to please everyone simply isn't possible. Though, perhaps an ability to hide the offending apps wouldn't be such a bad idea.


    All the same can be said for the Newstand. I use it. I also realise that I'm not everyone. It's really nothing more than a folder which is why it can't be put in other folders. This is also a nuissance. Perhaps the ability to hide it would be enough to please the masses that don't want it. Me on the other hand, I would like to pop it into a folder. Perhaps subfolders can become a feature of a later iOS update to solve this issue. Two levels should be enough.

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    Total Respray Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    I was initially inclined to accept Kreme's argument that it is the developers - rather than Apple - who are responsible for the intrusions by Game Center.  However, I have recently been using my iPhone completely offline, and have found that Game Center never appears when I open games.  Each of these games (from different developers) work perfectly without Game Center.  It therefore appears that Apple can disable Game Center by giving the option not to connect online.  It remains disappointing that there is no such option.

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    Why can't you sign out of game center

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    With heavy heart I have read through 10 pages of disappointment. Sent the feedback, I will be heard. http://www.apple.com/feedback/


    The unfortunate fact is as intrusive as GC is, if you sign in then you will not have to fight with the dummy pop ups every time a game app is opened. Some app's cause GC pop ups to continually reoccur, I can no longer stand it and have simply signed in. Who cares if someone else knows I'm ranked 1,457,897 in Angry Birds. I do not play games on Facebook and sincerely feel that my privacy was at risk, but signing in has proved to be painless

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    kreme Level 1 Level 1 (35 points)



    That solution is only painless when you're in a wifi area. I gave in and tried that solution too, only to find that it does no good once I'm in an area where there is no available connection. The problem isn't a concern with privacy for myself. The problem is that it's an invasive nuissance. I gave in and used it for the same reason as you only to discover that I mostly play my games in areas where there is no connectivity. This did not solve the annoyance that the gc is. Once I'm no longer connected and wish to play a game, it comes up with the infamous 'Sign In' screen that should, imo, be more intuitive to the fact that I'm not in a fricking area where I 'can' sign in. 'Giving in' has not changed the fact that I am still annoyed.


    I have gone to the point to where I have contacted the developers of the apps I play and surprisingly enough, when an update to several of those apps came out and I installed them, I am surprisingly no longer bothered with the pop-ups in several of them. This makes me stand behind my original assumption that the problem is not only on Apple's end. It is also the lack of foresight on the individual app developers as well.


    Personally, I could care less about my rank or what others know about it, though I prefer the freedom of choice. What bothers me mostly about it is the fact that it's poorly implemented to the point to where it borders on 'stupid'.

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    I completely agree. Please give us a mechanism to remove GC and other stuff that I don't use like language packs that I am never going to need and some crash launch daemons that won't even work because i'm behind a cooporate firewall.

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    If you jailbreak, and have iFile, then you can navigate to the folder /Applications   and delete game center from there...

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    In addition to having an easy way to disable, and remove the Game Center Application, there should be a way to select which games get listed.  Posting it here, and other forums for other Iphone/ipad/mac users to read is one of the best things to do.  The more people that understands this to be an issue (invasion of privacy!) the better the chance of having more complaints made to apple. 

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    Log in as root user and you will have access and full privileges to all files on your system, including Game Center.


    In order to to do this, you must enable the root user - see https://support.apple.com/kb/ht1528


    Once the root user is enabled, log out from your ordinary user account (Apple menu, bottom), and log in again as "root" with the password you defined in the previous step. Find Game Center in the Applications folder and delete it FOREVER. 


    Note that since the root gives  full system previliges, you can cause severe damage if you  delete or move critical system files, so once you've done what you came for, log out from the root and log in again to your normal user account.


    No guarantees, but I have had not noticed any negative impact on system operations (OSX 10.8.2 Mountain Lion) since I removed Game Center. Lovely.

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    modular747 Level 6 Level 6 (16,495 points)

    You realize that this is the iPhone forum, that this thread is about Game Center in the iOS, not OS X, and that there is no root user in the iOS. Right?  Even more odd is that there is NO Game Center in OS X 10.8.2 to remove.

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    Apologies for infringing on your territory and  posting in the wrong forum.


    But no Game Center in OSX 10.8? Check your applications folder, buddy. (OSX is apparently not your territory...)

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    You can delete Game Center by using the software "Ifunbox" then with the software go to "System Applications" (in your Iphone) and delete the two folders named "Game Center~iphone.app" and "GameCenterUIService.app". It worked for me.

    (sorry if my english is bad, i'm french)

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    modular747 Level 6 Level 6 (16,495 points)

    iFunbox requires hacking (jailbreaking) the phone and can't be discussed in this forum.

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    problem with GC is it keeps unwantedly popping up when U open games, U have 2 agree to the conditions even if U don't use it in order to continue. & it just keeps popping up. It drives me crazy. Why does Apple cram this crap down our throats with no alternatives. It's as bad as being forced to use iTunes. And Apple wonders why the iPhone market share & stock prices are tumbling..

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    modular747 Level 6 Level 6 (16,495 points)

    Buck Rogers wrote:


    U have

    2 agree

    Who is "U" and which 2 agree?


    FYI:  This isn't middle school and iPhone market share has gone up in the last 6 months....