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Rick Smith Level 1 Level 1 (140 points)

How I typically find photos is go to the photos (under project) on the left side, and then do versious searches, by date, etc.


For some reason when I go photos it it only displying around 2000 photos. I have way more than that in my library. When I look through the various projects I can the picutres are there, but they just arent' showing up under "all photos." I've double checked to make sure none of the search checkboxes are there. It's really strange.


When I search by date, no photos come up..but I know those photos are there.


I've done all three of the database options and this is till happening.


Any ideas?



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    Frank Caggiano Level 7 Level 7 (23,840 points)

    There is a strangeness in Aperture which sometimes causes the filter on the Photos browser to get confused.


    To check to see if this is your problem do:


    1. Select a smart folder in your library,anyone doesn't matter which.
    2. open this smart folders search box.
    3. Now without changing anything and leaving that search box open select the Photos icon
    4. The name of the search box will change to Smart Settings:Photos
    5. Look at the settings in this filter there should only be the Rating rule checked and it should be set to show all images (greater then or equal to X)
    6. If the filter has anything else set clear them all out and just have the rating set.


    If this was your problem then the browser for the Photos should be back to showing all images.



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    Rick Smith Level 1 Level 1 (140 points)

    Wow...that worked like a charm. I wish I would have known about this before I spent forever running all 3 of the reprair tools on a very large library.


    Apple should fix this. I thought my database was gone.



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    léonie Level 9 Level 9 (51,740 points)

    And again the "Double Double Reverse Caggiano" saved a library  - it would be great to have that Procedure as an "User Tip" for easy reference. Aperture's "User Tip" section is sadly empty. who would be allowed to enter it there?




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    brucephoto Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    Not the same question - but perhaps related: My problem is accesing ALL of my photos through the media browser of other apple applications. Specifically, in Mail, and within iTunes - when wanting transfer images to the iPhone, many photos are excluded. The folders and albums are all there and for some - all images are available. In other albums, for example, there are only (14) images available in an album that contains (173). Per the suggestion of some "techs" at the Apple store I rebuilt my library to no avail. FYI - I don't use smart albums.


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    léonie Level 9 Level 9 (51,740 points)

    That is a completely different problem. You may wish to post it as a new question. since this thread is marked as solved, you will not get much attention otherwise.