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My iPhone 4s is about to meet a wall.


It has 3 bars of service ALL DAY LONG. Yet, while i sit in my office and try to get on a website or app that uses data, it will do one of a few things.


1) A box will pop up that stats something along the lines of "you need to connect to either wi-fi, 3g or edge to do this" all the while i have 3 bars of service.

2) it will just sit there and constantly spin around and around acting like it will go to the website but never will...


I just tried to get on facebook on my phone, guess what it said? it gave me a " No Internet Connection "


Has anyone else had this issue?

I'm about 5 seconds away from selling this on eBay and never buying apple again. My iPhone 3gs was also a piece of crap too...granted, the 3gs was 2+ years old




Any Help would be greatly appreciated because I'm going to lose my mind.




iPhone 4S, iOS 5.0.1