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    Eun2 Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    Well thanks for that useful contribution.

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    JanRuben Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)



    I´ve just tried to shut down all the notifications in the notificationcenter. After shutting down the phone and on again, it appered to work normal again. Could ether one of you try the same ? maybe it resolves some of the problems until Apple sorts it out.




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    nvcs Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    Ok you guys,


    Yesterday I just did what Bramson suggested. I've downloaded the 800 Mb file and had it installed on my iPhone 4S 32G W. The only difference: instead of clicking the 'restore' button I used the 'check for update' button and also I have a MacBook so my hit key was 'alt'... not 'shift'.


    Therefore and for the time being, my phone is working without this issue in every single number that I've dialed.


    Lets see how it works out in the next days.





    try this link


    had installed it by pressing shift and click restore,than choose this downloaded file and let install.don't even need dev-account.it worked for me!installed it now 2weeks ago,made aproximately 70calls,none with the audio problem.battery lives a little longer now,2 days at medium usage.

    hope i could help you



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    since 3 days i facing a audio problem on my iphone 4. When i call somebody they can't hear me at all. I was surprised that this problem showed up just 3 days ago while i already use iOs 5.01 a while. So yesterday i have make a reset but the problem remains. I have tryed many things and have surfed the net until i have tryed this morning the tip from janruben. Just empty the Notification Center and restart the phone. It worked in my case. Since then i have make 4 calls and all seems normal whitout any audio issues. I thank you janruben u have make my day by solving this problem. Thats why i replay to ur coments to animate this big comunity to help each other. In the meantime i wait until apple get this bug fixed....


    Thanks and best regards

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    JanRuben can you switch on the notification center again then? Because I need notifications just as phone calls!

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    Empty Notifications Center and reboot made no diference here.

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    Vodafone UK sent me new SIM, restored phone to factory settings as suggested by Apple support I.e. none of my apps etc installed, notification services off but still same problem. Off to Apple shop tomorrow!

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    After the phone got replaced - over 24 hours of talk time, Siri operating fine and the battery is much much better. REPLACE YOUR PHONE!

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    Well guys it's been a while since I've posted but I thought I'd update you. Beta 3 had solved my audio issues but other issues arose so I restored to 5.0.1. Back came the audio issues. I decided to make the 2 hour trek to my nearest apple store and exchange my phone. So far, no audio issues, screen issues or battery issues. It was a black box replacement that had 5.0.0 installed. Serial number begins the same as the one with the audio issues.


    I have no idea what causes this issue and whether or not it is hardware, software or a combination. All I know is now my phone works as a phone and I am once again a happy camper.


    Good luck everyone.

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    To Brandyn.Cook


    What kind of other problems did you have with beta 3?


    What S/N was your previous and what is your current phone?



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    I just updated to 5.1 B3 seems OK.

    but truly curious what other problems would arise as brabdyn.cook says

    please give us more details

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    Hey dudes,

    Sorry for the delay I had to finish work.  So the problems I was having:

    - Siri would work once, then she wouldn't work again.

    - I couldn't end calls.  I could go to the home screen but the green bar on the top wouldn't go away and the timer kept running.

    - And it seemed laggy.


    Now these issues could have been resolved with a clean install (I installed B3 over top of 5.0.1) but I didn't bother with that. 


    Both device serial numbers began with C38.  Not sure if you need more than that or not.  Any other questions guys just let me know.


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    Hey guys,


    I just did what  Bramson suggested....and guess what? It works. So far it fixes the audio issue (the outgoing call audio). Running smoothly on my iphone 4S 32GB white. Already made 10 calls and there was no audio issue at all. I think Bramson made a big MISTAKE by telling us to SHIFT + RESTORE. You guys made a big mistake if you did this, it wont activate your iphone because you are required to have a dev account. I did this and it caused me few hours to solve it because you need to restore your phone back in the DFU mode.


    So in order to make your 4S remain activated:


    1.You have to download the 800++mb file from  http://www.multiupload.be/UN5F70GHG0

    2.Open up your iTunes, connect your phone and once it detected your phone, press

    SHIFT + CHECK FOR UPDATE. Choose the file that has been downloaded and then open.

    3.Wait until it finish installing and there you go....


    I tried this and it works. I hope it might help you guys. However, I only made 10 calls at the moment and it is working fine. If any other problems persist, I'll update you guys later.



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    If you can try 45 calls in a day and works....let me know. 

    Cus I returned my phone and they were checking it for 1 and a half week (the did something on it I am sure) and they didn't exchange it to a new one Cus they said the phone works perfectly. But it's not! I had 25 calls the first day and 45 the next and the problem came back! Try using Siri and then audio calls......

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    lurz Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    Update: Already made 32 calls and no problem at all, 10 of the calls were using Siri. Everything is fine at the moment.