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Approx two months ago I did a clean install of Lion on my Intel iMac due to some general bugginess and slowness. Following the install everything seemed to be running fine until yesterday when I started getting the beach ball doing some very basic tasks (opening email, Safari, etc). Not thinking much of it I restarted and was greeted with this after the restart:


Did some searching on this topic and wasn't able to find any difinitive answers on what this means and while I came across some posts that said this issue was resolved by a fresh install, I still suspect my HD is failing and the root of the problems. So I concluded the following:


     1. If it's motherboard related I won't be able to start up using a secondary start up disk

     2. If it's the HD I won't be able to access the files on it when I start up using a secondary disk

     3. If its OS related, a fresh install will resolve the issue


So the computer started right up using a secondary start up disk, I was able to access the files on the HD when I started up using the secondary disk, and a reinstall of Lion netted a big fat circle-slash once again.


At this point I think it's the HD.


Anyone have any thoughts or ideas on what might be going on?