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I have a recovered message i cannot seem to delete and is stopping my normal email account uploading etc.


I have taken my email account offiline and tried to delete the recovered messages mailbox but it stills remain. HELP goign round in circles


i have has ios7 uploaded



iMac (21.5-inch Mid 2011), Mac OS X (10.7.2)
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    I presume you mean that you are running OS X 10.7, rather than iOS 7, as iOS is for portable devices such as iPads and iPhones, and the current release is version 5.0.1. iOS 7 is a long way down the road.


    Best of luck.

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    I do mean os 10.7.2 ! Thanks for noting this


    Any idea on how to resolve the problem?

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    Harmen Utrect has the solution on this page (half way down) https://discussions.apple.com/message/12806530#12806530


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    Re: Snow Leopard, Mail and Recovered message

    24-Dec-2010 06:27 (in response to PanchoLopez)


    Problem: Mac mail keeps recovering same messages over and over again.


    Easy Solution:
    Go to Mail Preferences.
    Select the mail account involved.
    Go to tab Advanced.
    Under "Keep copies of messages for offline viewing" select "Don't keep copies of any messages".
    (Don't worry, they are still on the server.)
    Close preferences.
    If needed: Delete the problem messages from the Recovered Message folder.
    Close Mail.


    Problem fixed.


    If you want, go back into Mail Preferences and reset the choice back to "Keep messages for offline viewing".
    Then, everything will be back the way it was, but the problem messages won't come back.

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    Daniel - I am having the same problem with my IMAC 21.5in In that I ought this past Christmas. My entire hard drive memory has been used up with the same recovered file.


    Did you ever get this resolved, and can you let me know how you did?

    I have tried many of the options offered on the discussion board but cannot get this sorted out.

    Any help would be appreciate,


    Thanks for your time



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    Thank you so much! All other soloutions seem to be temporary, but finally I found one that works! I suddenly got loads of emails at once that had been waiting for ages. I hope Apple makes a proper fix for it soon.

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    Thank you for keeping me from going (completely) insane!  Your fix to get rid of a recovered message that was repeating was perfect.

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    Thanks! You're fix worked. I was truly dreading the weeks of support calls this one was going to take to fix after I tried three other "fixes" for this problem I found on the internet. None worked. Yours was the simplest and the only one that did the trick. Thanks again!

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    thanks tflpunk, worked perfectly....also found this same solution on one other forum, Apple needs to get this fixed. Thanks again, easy method, better than deleting the imap and having to set it up again.

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    Wow! Fantastic. I've saved a copy of this for the future. Recently I have accidentally tried to send two emails which were way over the size limit and clogged up my system. This worked perfectly. THANK YOU!!

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    Thank you for saving me.  I was having to go to the website for my isp to read detail of emails on the mac.  I knew they were still coming in as I could see them on the Iphone and Ipad but nothing on my mac.  The emails were blocked by an oversize pdf that had gone out fine before.  Thank you so much.