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  • 60. Re: Aperture Colour/ Color Shift with Lion
    JUN48 Level 1 Level 1 (100 points)

    Hi ,

    now I checked,

    OSX 10.7.2 update resolve this problem.


    EXIF information in metadata inspector tells me 'Adobe RGB (1998)'

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    Armagh Mac Level 1 Level 1 (10 points)

    Yes I too can confirm that the latest upgrade to Aperture 3.2 has eventually fixed this. Thanks everyone for all your suggestions. Overall while the update has enhanced a lot, as usual there are the other "difficulties" it has added!

  • 62. Re: Aperture Colour/ Color Shift with Lion
    pcalvin Level 1 Level 1 (10 points)

    And what might those difficulties be that you have seen?




  • 63. Re: Aperture Colour/ Color Shift with Lion
    Armagh Mac Level 1 Level 1 (10 points)



    1: it takes much much longer to import images (jpegs) in to Aperture from my camera than it used to.

    2: It takes much longer to send my images to an email once I have modified them. eg sending 3 images to Mail can take a few minutes.

    3: It still won't let me import my images into Aperture in the Background ie I have to have the Aperture window foremost and can't work at anything else which is torture saying it takes so long to import my jpegs.

    4: The Cropping issues that have been mentioned by a lot of people in this forum

    5: When using in full screen mode it occasionally pops back to thumb view without prompting

    6: No matter how many times I select The Browser View it still reverts to split view as and when it wants.

    7: The Keywords hud even though I select it to appear at the bottom of the browser window disappears regularly on reopening


    Thats all I can think of for now. I do realise that not everyone experiences these "delights" but I do. I have over 120,000 images in my library and do forgive it for slow searches etc. The latest update has definitely removed the regular occurence of the spinning beachball of death though!

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    pcalvin Level 1 Level 1 (10 points)

    Thanks for the update.  I import cards with Photo Mechanic, and import into Aperture from the HD, so that may take care of one problem.  Deselecting on screen proofing takes care of the crop issue.  But if Aperture runs smoother and faster, I'll upgrade to Lion.  (After I finish the job I am working on now....)

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    AdrienCo Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    Hello everyone,


    I am experiencing the same problem of color shifting with aperture, even with the 3.2.2 release.

    I think it appeared with the new Lyon OS but I am not sure as I am new to mac and quickly updated to Lyon.


    It is completely driving me crazy so if anyone found a solution ...


    Basically :

    - when I look at thumbnails in aperture my pictures all seem ok colorwise

    - but when i try to visualize the picture, for a very short moment it seems ok but then it turns redish and remains like that

    - maybe of interest : only my latest projects uploaded directly from my 5D mk 2 to my mac book pro are experiencing this shift. All other projects that were saved on an external harddrive and then transferred on my mac book when i bought it are ok (even albums of photos taken with the same camera !)

    - there are no problems of identifications of the color profile (exifs indicate Adobe RGB 1998 for all pictures)

    - it seems to be Aperture specific because when i dig in the library content package, and look at masters photo with the preview tool, color seems ok


    Gear : i have a 2 ghz i7 mac book pro with 4 GO memory and my camera is a Canon 5D mk 2


    I have taken screenshots of this phenomenon.

    If needed, can send them to you by e-mail, it is pretty explicit by itself !


    Thank you in advance for your help !


  • 66. Re: Aperture Colour/ Color Shift with Lion
    JUN48 Level 1 Level 1 (100 points)


    You missed important information, what exact Lion Version you are using?


    If before 10.7.2 , upgrade to 10.7.2 then re-genatate previews

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    AdrienCo Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    Hello Jun48


    Thank you for your answer and help.


    I am using 10.7.2 version.

    If i re generate previews, then thumbnails will indeed change and update and then look like (and remain like) the new redish version of my enlarged pictures !


    I have done a little more investigating and I found that it has something to do with the color profile.

    Also, before i get into more details, i have mistaken above when i said preview seemed ok and aperture not : preview is ok only for raw pictures, jpeg all appears red exactly like in aperture application when i visualize them.


    I am no expert but somehow, since last updates, aperture or my mac does not support adobe 1998 anymore (or read it differently - is that possible?).

    Every photo I have taken pre-lion with the color profile Adobe RGB has a color shift towards red. Raw seem ok but not jpeg.


    When i look at pictures in the aperture library (by exploring content package, and then with preview tool), and then inspect the image, it seems to me the color profile is not recognised (it says "not calibrated" in the EXIF of the file). However, if i look at this image using aperture application, metada will read adobe 1998 (which is how my camera is calibrated). I dont understand why ? Is it possible the adobe 1998 only refers to my camera setting and somehow the file was not embedded properly or recognised on the comp ?


    More testing : if i look at the masters photo in the aperture library content package (with the preview tool), and then decide to assign a new color profile to srvb, then the color comes back as it was in the past, with the proper tone. However it doesnt seem to properly embed it because nothing changes in the exif and when i close it it is back to before status and back to red. I guess one of the solution suggested in this thread (re embed everything in the library) would work but somehow i cannot find the menu the guy is talking about (my version is french, and i cant find this colosync scripts thing).


    I still dont get why this all changed.

    I had worked a lot on my pictures and now all those modifs appear red and the wrong way.


    I have tried to import again the few pictures i still had left on my memory card in my camera.

    They all come redish immediately when imported, not like before for the very same picture.


    Should i shoot in sRB from now on ? Is it a big difference with adobe 1998 ? (i thought adobe 1998 recorded more colors). How to restore previous library in aperture with the modifs i had done before ?


    I am so lost.

    New to mac and aperture and soooo disappointed


    Help please.




  • 68. Re: Aperture Colour/ Color Shift with Lion
    samhaque Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    Same here. I just recently switched to Mac.


    Aperture thumbs are overly red then it gets duller in view mode. I don't know what to trust. Plus my Spyder 3 Pro can't calibrate my MBP screen properly.


    Tried turning proofing on and off, nothing helps. Seems like I got rid of a bunch of stability problems by switching to Mac and gained a whole new set of stupid problems. OS X is just not as trouble free as Apple claims.

  • 69. Re: Aperture Colour/ Color Shift with Lion
    lampusa Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    Hello everybody,

    I have Max OS X Lion 10.7.4 and I've also exactly the same problem with my EOS 7D  and raws cr2 files !


    Bonjour Adrien,

    je ne sais pas si tu galères encore avec ColorSync, mais je peux peut-être t'aider pour ça : erion_lampusa___yahoo.fr

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    mark.a.phillips Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    ...and I now appear to have the same/similar problem.  After two years of no major issues, I have now found that exporting either TIFF or JPEGs from Aperture 3.3 and using Lion 10.7.4 I now have highlights red shifted.  I've tried multiple color profiles but they all give the same problem as do either colour or B&W (I now get B&W images with red/pink tins in highlights).   Everything looks fine in Aperture and colorsync profiles all seem to work in preview.  

    But I now have an utterly useless Aperture library that cannot export to TIFF/JPEG to allow me to print.   It seems Apple have also failed to address this despite this thread going back months (years).  This leads me to a simple conclusion - Apple just dont care...... (please prove me wrong).

  • 71. Re: Aperture Colour/ Color Shift with Lion
    mark.a.phillips Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    Some slightly better news.  I spoke to Apple and they are investigating.  It looks like the issue is with Aperture 3.3 and the way it handles imported TIFF files. Fingers crossed..........

  • 72. Re: Aperture Colour/ Color Shift with Lion
    chumtarou Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    Hi dlkc,


    I may be mistaken but are you experiencing color shifts like me: https://discussions.apple.com/message/19056592#19056592


    If you zoom in a few times, the color of a website goes back to normal. But at 100% size, some photos will become darker. I can replicate this with Apple's website so it's not an issue of incorrect output of images with srgb or with the wrong color profile etc.

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