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With the passage of time, has anyone found a reliable workaround to sync the Snow Leopard Address Book via iCloud?

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    The only workaround is to upgrade from Snow Leopard to Lion v10.7.2 for Contacts to sync and be stored in iCloud.



    Apple - iCloud - Learn how to set up iCloud on all your devices

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    I think I have found a possible solution after a LOT of reading different and similar posts on this subject.


    First of all, I have created a new iCloud account separate from my still up-and-running MobileMe account. I did this for testing purposes. And I really am glad that I didn't rush into migrating to iCloud. Lion won't run on my MacBook Pro.



    I haven't gotten around to testing that. But reading posts about it, I think I'll be going to Dropbox for that. Or just manually sync to Aperture like I'm used to.



    Did a bit of test driving. Works on my iPhone 4 running iOS5. I wouldn't call it spectacular or anything, though. A bit disappointing actually. I was so used to Apple implementing new things that would really get me excited. *sigh*



    I am running iCal already on Mac OSX 10.6.8 with iCloud. That goes really well, except for one thing:

    Calendar events with invites... Sending invites to MobileMe members or e-mail addresses linked to an iCloud Apple ID (@gmail.com or any other third party e-mail address for that matter), the invite will get stuck in the cloud and not make it to the recipient's e-mail box...

    View my post on that for more info: https://discussions.apple.com/message/17449179#17449179


    I followed all the steps, created a CardDAV account in Address Book 5.0.3. Went into Terminal, changed some settings. Only to find myself getting stuck in a cycle of AB "duplicating" my contacts. They only show up in AB though. They're not actually duplicated (not in SOHO nor on iCloud.com).


    As time passed, I started to believe I had to actually purchase SOHO Organizer 9.2.3 at $99.99. I almost was about to, as I am "saving" money on my MobileMe account...


    Luckily their 30-day trial version proved that syncing iCloud's Contacts with Snow Leopard is indeed possible. I have to be honest and tell you that it works like a charm!!!


    I still have enough days left on my trial to try and figure out how to stop the glitch in Address Book. If not, I guess Chronos will have gained a new SOHO Organizer customer...


    As soon as I know more about getting Address Book to work correctly, I'll let you know.




    Furthermore, please do not get discouraged by a lot of posts on difficult steps to retrieve your iCloud user ID. Turns out there's a rather simple procedure for that. Right in Snow Leopard's own Address Book

    I will post a How To for that as soon as I get around to it.