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Hello, My office has a difficult situation and I'm hoping you can help.ANY advice or pointers are appreciated. Here's the situation:


We are a small sales office with about 5 employees. My franchise owners have supplied iPhones to each rep. We recently had 2 reps quit. They gave back their iPhones but we can't get the contacts off of them since they are registered to those reps' personal iTunes accounts. I need a new iPhone but they're waiting to get me one until they get the following situation figured out to prevent this problem in the future...


  1. How do we get the contacts off of the iPhones and into one central iTunes account?
  2. If we need the usernames and passwords (like I suspect) then will we be able to grab the contacts and copy them to one central computer? Then they can change their passwords and have that computer deauthorized?
  3. Is there a special way we should set up a new iPhone to prevent this frombeing an issue again?
  4. Anything else we should be aware of?


This is a big issue and I'm hoping to get your feedback! Thank you!

iPhone 3GS, Windows Vista