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Ipad 2 battery is not charging!

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    How are you trying to charge it, via a computer or the wall plug ? If a computer, then a lot of computers (especially older ones) generally do not provide enough power to their USB ports to charge the iPad at a sufficient rate - it may still be charging slowly, and should be a bit quicker if the iPad's screen is off (if you leave it for a while and then disconnect it from your computer you may find that it's battery percentage has gone up). The wall charger is usually the most efficient way to charge the iPad.


    If the wall charger then have you tried a reset to see if it charges after the iPad has restarted ? Press and hold both the sleep and home buttons for about 10 to 15 seconds (ignore the red slider), after which the Apple logo should appear - you won't lose any content, it's the iPad equivalent of a reboot.


    If that doesn't work then have you tried a different charger and/or cable ? Do you know anybody else with an iPad so that you can try their charger and cable and they can try yours ?

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    My ipad2 stopped charging after I usedmy car charger and will not take a charge anymore. Do I need to reset?

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    resetting hurts nothing and often fixes many glitches. You don't lose any data, it's just like forcing a computer to 'control/alt/delete' and often just clears things up


    I wonder...I have a phone that I can charge via USB...however when I do the phone doesn't hold the charge unless i turn it off and then back on. What's possible is that your car charged it so slowly that the battery didn't quite register how much power it got so it's confused. Resetting the device can help this.


    And if it does fix it, I'd probably refrain from charging via my car again

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    Same issue - This started with a rapid battery drain after the update and has been at 3% for 2 days.  Must keep it plugged in constantly.  Afraid that if it goes to zero, I will not be able to apply a fix whenever Apple decides to help us out...


    I have restored from factory settings, tried updating multiple times, charged from different powewr sockets, multiple cables, etc.

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    I've tried it all too...3 chargers (that all worked for my iphone) rebooting, and even resetting and re-uploading all my data back onto it from the cloud.  itunes doesnt even recognize it anymore.  I'm a little worried that I need a new ipad and its not under warranty anymore.  The weird thing is that when I plug it in after its been turned off it recognizes the power source and turns back on, but doesnt charge at all.  After spending 3 hours messing with it and hitting 2% battery life I just powered it down and set it aside.  Any answers would be awesome.