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Hi, everyone!


I am a long time Picasa user, and I really enjoyed the way my imported images simply put themselves into folders in the interface, all named by date automatically. I have been trying out Aperture for some time now, and I just can´t find a good way to mimic this. There is seemingly no way for Aperture to automatically name my projects by date, unless it gets to split up some dumb album/project that I have to name myself.


I guess what I am asking here is: Is there any way to make Aperture automatically name, keep and update the same structure under "Projects and Albums" as id does in Finder?


And yes.. I know I should name my projects myself with sweet relevant names, but I don´t wanna! I really want everything to be sorted by date.


My solution at the moment: Import photos using no name in projects, Aperture splits anyway, I delete project in Aperture and then I drag and drop folder from Finder.  Gahh... This is heavy work for one used to simple and obedient Picasa 



Aperture 3, Mac OS X (10.7.2)