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Finder, Mail, Safari crash on startup, no access to harddisk (visible on desktop but can't open)


Tried PRAM reset and fsck -f. Doesn't seem to help.

MacBook Pro, Mac OS X (10.7.2)
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    It seems more people are having trouble with the 10.7.3 update. The most common solution offered is downloading the Combo update and try to install that. Some have indicated this solved the problem but others have reverted to downgrading back to 10.7.2 using a Time Machine backup and then using the Combo update in stead of the regular update through Software Update.


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    I'll add two comments to MacLmR's comment. First, the terminal grey screen or blue screen isn't all that uncommon after an update and often restarting in Safe Mode solves it. Safe Mode is entered by booting the computer and holding the left Shift key as soon as the grey screen appears and releasing it after the Apple icon appears. Safe Mode performs a disk check/repair, deletes certain cache files which, if corrupt, can halt the boot process, and starts the Mac with a minimal number of drivers. If you get to the Finder after performing the Safe Mode boot restart normally and see what happens.


    If that doesn't work then you won't be able to apply the Combo updater until you've reverted to 10.7.2 - I hope you have a backup. In the future I'd suggest that anytime an Apple update is announced that you manually download the Combo updater and use it. For whatever reasons, fewer people report update failures using it.

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    I was able to get back to normal but using the original Lion that I had setup on a thumb drive. I re-installed Lion (overlaying the OS but leaving everything else in place), and then downloaded the latest Combo updater and installed that.


    Everything is OK again. However, I just ran the Apple software auto-updater and the two updates (iTunes 10.5.3, Airport 6.0), one of which apparently caused this problem show up in the list. So I suppose these two updates are not included in the Combo kit.


    I did not attempt dwb's suggested fix, but I'll remember for future problems. After the problem update, I did all of my research on my iPhone and went for what I thought was the most expedient way to get the system back.


    In any case, I think I'll follow what happens with this before doing any more updates.

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    Both iTunes & AirPort Utility have been available for a while. You only need the Airport update if you own an Apple WiFi router and even then you might prefer to keep the utility you have since the new version actually has some configurations missing. iTunes was updated to reflect the changes in iBook2 and the new school textbook and online university. Neither are part of the 10.7.3 update

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    Interesting. Thank you dwb. So the problem may be related to the auto-update process itself.

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    A small number of update failures always occur. Why? Dunno. I know I always run a Disk verification before updating and repair the disk if anything is shown. I also always shut down all my applications and disconnect my external hard drives before updating. Of course I also backup first. I've done this for as long as I've used OS X and I've had two update fails. The first led me to begin downloading the combo updater and use it. The second led me to disconnect all my external hard drives before updating. But having been in the IT biz a long time I also know some problems are self inflicted. The best idea is to plan for the worst and hope for the best.

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    I have had nothing but issues after updating to 10.7.3 as well. Screen artifiacts, inability to launch ANY apps and an inability to use the finder along with screen artifacts. Also, after running disk utility from the recovery partition, I was still not able to correct any problems. I suppose I'll restore from my Time Machine backup, but any other advice would be appreciated.

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    Is there a workaround for getting that if your internet browsers don't work?

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    I've posted this in other threads regarding this so you may see this more than once. Just tyring to help with what I've experienced...


    Today, I upgraded to 10.7.3 and had issues with Adobe Live Encoder not seeing any video. I'd seen these problems on Adobe's forums and thought I'd roll the dice. Well, I lost. So I figured that I would bite the bullet and reinstall from 10.7, thinking that I was going to start over from scratch. I had no back-up of my previous installation.


    After I originally downloaded Lion, I followed a few steps I found online to save the installer to my computer so I could burn a back-up to DVD-R if I needed it again. I still had that on my hard drive. So I launched it and prepared for a major re-install.


    Much to my surprise, the installer I have must have been purchased when 10.7.2 was out becuase when I ran my it again, I had 10.7.2 back on my system, with all of my apps, settings, and plug-ins still there. Final Cut Studio was still registered and launched without issue, and Adobe Live Encoder is back to having video. So it seems that if you can find someone with an Lion installer that was purchased when 10.7.2 was out, this may be the way to get back 10.7.2 if 10.7.3 is giving you issues.