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There are too many songs physcially on my iPhone now.  How do I delete them all from my iPhone and start from scratch with them only on iCloud?  I will then of course play the songs and have them download to my iPhone.  It's frustrating that I will have to repeat this process as my iPhone fills up with the songs physically on my iPhone and not just streaming.





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    The iTunes Match service does at present only offer download to iDevices - streaming is limited to Computers and Apple TV.


    Searching this forum will provide clear guidance on the options for bulk removal of Songs from iPhone.

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    You can delete individual songs the same way you would delete an email or a SMS conversation:  swipe from left to right (or right to left, as you please).  Assuming you're using iTunes Match, the song will no longer take up space on your iPhone and you'll get the iCloud icon instead. If you wish to listen to the song you just need to tap on it but it won't be streaming, it'll be downloaded.  You can delete it again once you're done with it


    I hope that helps.

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    This seems to be doing the trick, but what a pain in the butt this is.  I have to physcially swipe and delete over 1700 songs and the swiping and deleting is finicky.  Sometimes when you swipe, instead of the delete option appreaing, it plays the song.  I hope Apple will update this software soon and allow people to remove everything in one shot.  It's like the photostream.  It's a massive pain to delete everything (TWICE!) after your photos have been streamed to your iPhoto.  Anyway, thanks for the tip.  It is working. 

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    You can delete all the songs on you iphone with one swipe. Go to - Settings, General, usage, music. Then slide across "All Music" to delete all songs.

    You will need to do this periodically as your iPhone fills up. Hope this helps.

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