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While using itumes match, setting on shuffle all, a song begin to play and then stop and skip to the next selection. The next song may play, but it also may repeat the same behavor and go the next song. Anyone else have this issue?

MacBook Air (13-inch Late 2010), iOS 5.0.1
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    Yes, i have the exact same problem. I've reuploaded my library a couple of times in order to fix this but it still skips. I'm checking with apple to see if they will remove my account and I'll start over.

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    There is a technical issue with iTunes Match today.  Please see this thread:



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    This has been happening to me since the UK launch. I've been too busy to call Apple but when I get a holiday I will go through the nessesary 2 hour phone calls to see what they can do for me.

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    This is why I love the british sense of humour... ;-)

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    Well, it's been at least 5 monthssince the last post and this issue has been happening week after week since then (I'm in the U.S.).


    I didn't have this issue before but it just started happening and it won't go away.


    To add to the issue now I am getting a very annoying error message with every skipped song "Unable to check for available downloads. An unknown error occured (1003)"


    I am seriously considering not renewing my membership, the service looked very promising but has really sucked since day one.


    I am considering Google Music instead.

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    iCloud has "lost" over a 1000 of my songs, it skips when it's no longer available on their server.


    It continues to do so, songs I added even just a week ago, go missing, I rate them 2 stars and have to download torrents and re-add.  It's getting VERY annoying.

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    My iTunes Match also skips songs, sometimes not even starting to play them... Just show the track then skip to the next one and so on. I restart my device when this happens and it usually fixes it for me. So it seems like the iOS might be the culprit. iTunes Match has always worked well on my iMac. It's just on my iPhone that I have had problems.

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    Before doing this you may want to back up your phone to your computer...

    I didn't because I like to live dangerously.


    The Problem:  iPhone would normally pull the song from iTunes Match but it doesn't because it "thinks" it already has that song stored locally on the phone when in fact it doesn't so it just skips the song and moves on to the next track.


    The Fix:

    Step 1: Under settings go to the music app and turn off iTunes Match


    Step 2: Double tap home button scroll through the "recent apps" at the bottom of the screen and if the music app is there reset it by holding it until there is a red symbol next to it. (Usually a good idea to do this regularly with all apps anyway)


    Step 3: Back to settings click general>usage>storage>music>edit then delete all locally stored music (don't need to delete audiobooks or anything other than music)


    Step 4: Turn iTunes Match back on and rock the F$@! out!